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Every December Monthly Collectible would really be popular in the market, even I want those. I would say that December 2003 was the best! No one could ever resist the scarves. Either you choose to be dark or light, but I choose Angelic Scarf!
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My favourite December Monthly Collectible would have to be the Snow Feather from 2008. It's a very elegant item and I love the feather headband and the little creature too. It's white like the snow that should be on the ground for winter at this time.
Of course it would have to be Bubu Kitty. December 2010- one of the best! Who could resist the sweetness and fluffiness of kitties?
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It has to be the OMFG not because of the name but cause i like its color scheme . its a Very punk/goth hat only problem is the price smile )
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Snow Feather, for the fact it is a beautiful item. It was well designed and a lot of thought was put into it. You can very much tell this just by the beautiful art work that is a part of the item. ^^
the nightmare scarf no doubt. its soo classy and its gona be a trend for a long time whee
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My favourite December Monthly Collectible would have to be the OMFG from 2004. I like the simplicity of it and it's a really cute hat. I love hats and it would really fit with the type of avi I have. If I had a hat like that I would be really warm in the winter no matter what.
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Winter Rose. The floral winter item is perfect for adding a bit of elegance to any outfit for any season.

The white color creates a nice sense of purity and innocence, yet every rose has its thorns as seen in the Nest of Thorns form. Beauty with a hint of danger.

In need of an item for a wedding themed avi? I've seen more than a few people using the Winter Rose's Floral Gown for this very purpose. If you've already found your dress but need some flowers the Grand Boquet or the Floral Crown could easily complete the wedding look.

And lastly, a fan of manga/anime? The Petal Rain mode surrounds the user's avi with a shower of enough flower petals to make any shoujo fan squeal with delight.

The Winter Rose MC is rather versatile capable of fitting a wide range of styles. As much as I love the Scarfs in the 2003 MCs, the winter rose wins my top spot for its elegance, purity and the fact that it's simply pretty to look at.
I suppose my favorite is Silent Night. I am rather fond of Grackle and Starry Night. However, the coat, Ranking Uniform, is my favorite. Also, the item makes me think of a forbidden love(something like Romeo and Juliet). I think it's the knife and mask that causes me to do so.
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umm i say nitemare scarf because its very uniqe and very cool and also its my fav color black and it can make any avi look very awsome biggrin
nightmare scarf all the way!!! rofl
i would have to say OMFG cause that thing just looks cool on an avatar.
either that or it has to be flame sword or elemental hair goes great with a fire element avi or whichever kind of avi
TM (time piece) got to love steampunk. and top hats
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Gotta Love those Nitemare scarves.
Those thing is the one I've been dreaming on.
the classics... 3nodding

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