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mine is silent night b/c i love the cape
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I love the Snow Witch ... It's just perfect! That's def. my fave!
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I personally enjoy the Winter Fox Mink, It's always been one of my favorites.
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What’s your all time favorite December Monthly Collectible and why!

Bubu. I love all those cats, but they all look like my own cats. Like Coco, which I gotwhen my lovely cat died. Bubu looks like my big fat red cat. And he won't die for a looong time.

Here's my big fat red cat loving on gaia.
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I would say the letter of December 2006. It was the first letter I ever got on gaia. I remeber it being popular, because of the idea of the new "wig" item. But I chose the Winter Rose =) It is still one of my favorite items to this day. So I would have to say the December 2006 Letter (Winter Rose) is my favorite<3
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I'm rather fond of the Nightmare Scarf.
It was part of every outfit I used for such a long time. I think it was also the first MC I ever bought.
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i like OMFG its hallarious and it could keep you warm in the winter 4laugh It may be old but its still the best wink
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Angelic Scarf

I'm being honest, I love it cause its rare and I can make a lot of outfits from it.
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december 2008 Silent knight, I would give it to my friend who has that on her wishlist
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the winter fox mink b/c it's cute and cuddly and keeps my shoulders warm.
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nitemare scarf because it's a classic
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Nitemare Scarf
its really a well design item
it goes with most avitars too cool
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The winter rose. I had it on m avatar for like every because I totally fell in love with it when I received it from a friend. I enjoyed how it was white and it went with almost anything.
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My favorite is the 03 monthly collectible because it makes me feel out of my skin I really believe that this was one of your greatest items you guys ever put out and it has been on my list to obtain it forever I feel like if i had it it would make my dark fantasy come true in all there wonder and grace
there isnt meny items that come to mind like the 03 December collectible .
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The Silent Night and the OMFG hat were both amazing items! Though, the Nitemare and Angelic Scarves each have their merits because of how old they are and how effing epic they look. Hmm, I'm just not sure. I guess the OMFG hat, because it can be used with tons of different items, and I love to make monochrome avatars. And, it was my very first quest item that I completed. 3nodding

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