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..................My favorite December monthly collectible is gonna have to be the one from 2008. Both the Snow Feather and the Silent Night are pretty amazing. But if I had to choose one, it would be the Snow Feather. It is just so light and fluffy. It reminds me of snow, so I really think it fits for the December collectible! And I would really like it because it is amazing. Ok. I know that is not a great reason, but do you know how often i would use it? The dress especially is wonderful. And so is the feather head dress. Also, just a little blip from my life on Gaia, I am questing my entire wishlist and the Snow Feather just happens to be pretty close to the top. I would love to have it so that is why i am entering in this little contest. Alright. I will stop, for I could go on for a lot longer on how much I like the Snow Feather.
Sincerely, SivaRose
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nightmare scarf - simply because its an epic item to have biggrin
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I would have to say that my favorite December letter is the Winter Rose from '06. It's elegant and beautiful, and white roses have always been a favorite because they remind me of pure snow before someone walks in it. smile

2nd would have to be the BuBu kitty this year because I have two twin yellow tabbys that are my babies. ^.^ Every time I see that item it reminds me of both of their unique personalities. lol
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Definitely winter rose. It's so pretty and pure.
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Dec 03, The Nitemare Scarf. It is one of the more classic and elegant items and fits well with any good Darkness style avatar. Not only does it fit well with most avatars if you have it you establish your place among the Elite Gaians in not only wealth but Gaian age. That is my favorite Dec item and why.
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My favorite would be the Bubu Kitty Plushie, inexpensive and an adorable accessory for most of my avatar designs
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I guess my favorite Decmever MC would Be December 2009's Silver Laurels and Ice Prince. They're both white and just beautiful. One of my favorite colors would actually be White so I guess that's why they're my favorite. If I had to choose another..I'd still say December 2009's MC.
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My favorite December MC is this years Seraphic Bow. The wings are gorgeous beyond belief as is the bow. It has the beauty of a dark angel but the powerful look of a deadly weapon. The artwork helps boost it's appeal to me as well. ~.^
Nightmare Scarf. It was my first MC. I loved it from the time I saw it. I quested for a long time to get it but it was worth it.
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my favorite mouthly gift would have to be the sugarsuite gen 2 the reason why is because i luv the red hair it has it also makes me feel like a princess when i wear it biggrin
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I love the nightmare scarf. Its a classic and elegant item which I love.
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My favourite December MC is definitely the OMFG Hat.
I have to admit, it has so little poses though. D: < But I love hatsss. 4laugh
They are so adorable! >:C And I find those circle eyes so cute. o 3o
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I really love the Winter Rose for December *w* I love the dress, it reminds me of a lovely wedding gown, and I love the petals and white roses~ I just really love making an all white avie out of it because it just looks so soft and fluffy XD heart
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I love Silver Laurels!

I think monthly collectables should be associated with the month they're released, and although that might be difficult for certain months, it's easy for december! Although more popular items like the Nitemare scarf are cool looking, there is nothing about them that says "December" or "Christmas." The Laurels are simple, and elegant. They can be worn anytime, which makes them versatile, but they definitely have a wintery christmas feel to them. I like just throwing them onto my Christmas avatar each year to complete a look. They match almost anything! smile

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