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my favorite would have to be the gunslinger because i have always been western fan and weapons fanatic, and because it is just the coolest outfit out of the april selection xd
The Cherry Blossom from 2009. It has a sweet coloration and design that other flower items can't compete with.
My favorite is the April 09 MC, Cherry Blossom.
It is just beautifully pixeled with such soft lovely pink colors. Plus it has a variety of different ways it can be used which is better than just a few uses like some other items. It is elegant and lovely and I really regret not having one.
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My all time favorite April MC would have to be the 2009 Sakura Cherry Blossom!!!

The delicate pink and white blossoms of the Cherry blossom really look so pretty and elegant, I think that they represent the flower well.

April's actually my birth month so I always love the flowers in that month the best. The sakura has a lot of meaning and gracefulness to it. The beauty and liveliness of life, and the stark shortness of such.

I think that the Cherry blossom theme suits April the most, that and the fact that the Sakura is such a strong symbol in Japan makes it one of my top favorite items of all time!
Gunslinger Hands Down!!!
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Aquatica. It was the first MC I ever got, so it'll always have a special place in my heart. Also, dolphins are my favorite animal, and for the longest time, the only way to be a dolphin on Gaia was to use the Aquatica.
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I think my favorite one is Oculus Magica. I mean, I like the clownfish from Aquatica, but I really like being able to customize my eyes, and looking like I have "magical" ones. 4laugh
Angelic Halo (Now before you all whine about it)
~It was the first Collectible.
~It's an Angelic Item
~It's an accessory that can go with anything (almost Everything)
~It was A collectible given out from March to June so April is included.
~It's Gold which means it's value will never really diminish ( razz )
~It was the first Item I wanted when I joined Gaia but never received enough gold to get.
~It is pretty awesome.
~It's value is estimated near 700,000,000 and there are very rarely any on the market.

Which is why this Collectible is the best in my given Opinion. heart
The Unhappy Employer, Out.

Also, timezones suck. I have no Idea when this competition actually began or ends. razz
Sorry if it's late. smile
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Aquatica from April of 2007. Why? Well, aside from the fact that I absolutely adore Ariel from The Little Mermaid I thought the collectible was gorgeous and I remember using it in some way or another on my avatar. Also, the art played a large role in my liking it -- the mermaid looks so beautiful, free and peaceful that I absolutely couldn't resist. Aquatica is definitely one of my top favorite MCs.

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