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What’s your all time favorite April Monthly Collectible and why!

To be honost, I really love Gunslinger. It is slick, well made, and is just cool in general.
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Either the Oculus Magica or the Butterfly Mantilla.
That item has history to me.
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User ImageThe world is full of unexplored possibillities...

Ninja Headband
It just looks so aweshome and reminds meh a little of naruto xD [if yuu know what I mean...]

And I want yuu to try to find them all...wait whuuut?User Image
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i love Voracious Fog. It lends just that touch of something extra..
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For me, it's Oculus Magica, the item is so versatile and I can see a lot of uses for it.
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Spring Rose. My middle name is actually Rose, as well as my favorite flower. A symbol that can mean both love, life, passion, and death... it truly runs deep. 4laugh
my favorite it would be Prism Butterfly Mantilla cuz i just like wings heart
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The Lunar Scythe is pure awesomeness. It's my fav biggrin
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My favorite would have to be Spring Rose, because it looks so delicate and Roses are beautiful in the Spring. heart heart
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I would have to say my favorite is the 2005 mc Prism Butterfly Mantilla. It's a special mc for me because that was one of the first mcs that came out when I made my first Gaia account and was able to buy myself. (With money I earned from my first part-time job!)
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My favourite is probably this years gunslinger... It's just do gosh darned awesome. I mean, a kickass coat with a kickass hat, Who could ask for more!? The shadow on the face that you get with the hat is just so cool!
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Gunslinger, I've loved guns since I was a little girl.

<3 I love the magnum.
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i rlly love the gunslinger, bc it reminds me off the moviee Jonah Hex!! and its cowboyish.
What’s your all time favorite April Monthly Collectible and why!

I've got to say, that my favorite April MC has to be the cherry blossom. Its is very versatile and is pixelated very well. I think the artist spent a lot of time making it. I love the color pink, and this pink matches a variety of other items that I can match with the cherry blossom. I like that there are everything from wings, to a background pose, to even a dress. So the cherry blossom is hands down, my favorite April MC. Thanks gaia.
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I love Spring Rose. It's beautifully done, and so elegant. heart

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