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My favorite April MC is the Oculus Magica. There's so much variety with the eyes that they can go with nearly any outfit. I love wearing them with whatever I can, like I am now!
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My favorite April collectible?
Princess Kaguya, of course.

Hold up, you want to know why?

I have to actually explain this?

But I suppose I can enlighten the lot of you.

First of all, this dress.
User Image

Holy guacamole with a side of ravioli, DEM COLORS. DAT DETAIL. And look at how comfy that looks!

WAIT, you sit yourself right back down. I'M NOT DONE YET. I'm not gonna spout about how fabulous the fancy dress is all day. Did you know this thing comes with BUNNIES?
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That's right. Not only do you get this bitchin' getup, but you'll also have yourself some PINK BUNNIES. Bunnies with LANTERNS AND FANS. You can't get much more pleasant than that. I freaking love bunnies, and so do most people, I'd imagine.

This thing also provides this incredible hairdo in two, TWO different colors, a shoji so you can get naked wherever the hell you want, and your very own lamp.The artist outta pat his or herself on the back, because Princess Kaguya is the BEST THING TO HIT APRIL SINCE DISCOUNT EASTER CANDY DAY.

"But that's just, like, your opinion, man."

Oh, sorry, I could have sworn you said 'opinion.' I think what you meant to say was,

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Oculus Magica
I love the design; wish there were more items like it.
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For me it was really tough to choose just one favorite for the April Mc's. It's almost a tie between Princess Kaguya and the Cherry Blossom. I heart the bunnies. It can't be helped. They are so cute! Plus I like the story the item is based on.

However, I get more use out of the Cherry Blossom item. I wear a lot of pink (as if you can't tell by my current avatar, lol) and it goes with most of my items. I love the cherry tree that is included with it. Also the sakura petals that fall down are so pretty. So therefore, I will have to say that it is my favorite April MC. ^_^
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April 2011 Monthly Collectible My favorite is Prism Butterfly Mantilla 2005.

I love it because the wings are very beautiful and I like butterflies, this item makes you look very pretty. The butterflies have always seemed very mysterious creatures and free, in addition to flying, show off their spectacular colors, a butterfly may be possible for my avatar with that item. 3nodding

heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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heart heart

Princess Kaguya is my favorite April 2011 Monthly Collectible , because it has a long wig, and I love wigs, in gaia and in real life. It is best to have it in two different colors, and a beautiful dress that looks great, is an item that offers much in the style and beauty, just perfect for me heart .

heart heart
Think I'm gonna have to go with Gunslinger, mainly because the hat, the jacket, and the chaps, look freakin' AWESOMESAUCE!! >w<

Rock Hard ('0 cool is a pretty close second... It makes you want to RAWK, doesn't it? [[...Okay, maybe it doesn't... =/ ]]
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Cherry Blossoms and I have one...I love it coz it has a dramatic anime like effects falling blossoms...XD
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I think the Cherry Blossom was the best April MC. It had a lot of good poses, and inspired a lot more creativity to match that pink (we need more pink socks, please Gaia!), plus it was pretty without being overly sappy. Also, it was actually symbolic of the month it was in, because many cherry trees bloom in April! Sorry Rock Puppy, you're there all the time.
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Cherry Blossom. While I love this month's MC almost as much, the cherry blossom gives me a lot more flexibility with its golds - it's matches my favorite EI (Biancamella) perfectly, and it gives just the right amount of pink when I seem to be missing it.
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My all time favorite April MC would definitely and without a doubt, would be the Cherry Blossom (Apr 09).
Why? Because despite the fact that it's shade of pink matches almost every pink-toned item in Gaia it is also very versatile and very useful when creating new avatars.
It has a subtlety that makes it stand out, not too feminine, just right.
When I say versatile, it means everyone can use it, not just girls, but also for the guys!
Not only is it for girly-girls but also for male cosplayers alike.
The Hanami and Petal Shower pose reenacts sakura petals, as seen in countless anime series. So guys can use pink items and get away with it, haha!
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rock hard...love its wings...it's so masculine
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Cherry Blossom ! It was pretty and pink. Also I love the falling petals in spring!
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Gunslinger cause its so cool biggrin

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