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Lunar Scythe or Oculus Magica lols
Such a hard decision.
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I've always loved mermaids... still do XD heart
My favorite april MC is the Voracious Fog. The other are either to simple or really frilly. Though I may not be showing it now with the way I'm dress I like dark, creepy, or eerie items. I think the dark items are more interesting and and when I look at them I don't feel like my retinas are going to burn into ash. ^.^
If I were to say from my hear its gunslinger I love it so much because it reminds me of my to favorite characters dante from devil may cry & vincent valentine from final fantasy.
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My all time favourite April monthly collectible is...

...drum roll please...

...Cherry Blossom. redface

Really!!! I swear, the post-Easter spirit has not gotten to me; I've not gone mad and suddenly became cheerful or 'full of pep.' I just simply adore how well the elegance of Spring has been portrayed. I suppose 'Cherry Blossom' speaks to the little girl inside of me... the fair-haired, pale-eyed little girl smiling widely as she chops the flowers off their stems.
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The most useful is Oculus Mythica, definitely. I wish more eyes were the pale, glassy blue of the "Empty Eyes". In fact, I wish that a lighter blue were a color you could get in the gold shops. Not enough eyes are made that are without black liner/lashes, which can clash with an avatar that is light blue / white themed, or if an avi has white hair it makes no sense for their lashes to be black. I think that the one that *excites* me the most is Gunslinger, though. I love the theme. Very... old cinematic like. =]
April 2007: Oculus Magica wins.
Why? Because no matter what kind of avatar you wanted, it would fit.
Whether is be a demonic, angelic, or even elemental avatar, you can always count on Oculus Magica to make your avatar complete.
I ordered this collectible when it came out as a sealed, and have never gotten rid of it, nor will I ever, for it is my most favorite collectible yet. :]
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I'm caught between the Hammi/Bammi Hat and Oculus Magica.

Why? Well that's solely based from the fact that the Hammi/Bammi Hat donations were the first official donations for Gaia Online in the month of April that were released each month for people who gave real money.

After all, the original year Gaia began it's start, no donation items were released until June of 2003 and that was the Angelic Halo so I mean.. that's pretty cool that April's first item was so adorable.

Then I'd say the Oculus Magica for the same reason a lot of the other people are and it being the first "eye" item that went with a lot of outfits and just over all was a glimpse into the awesome future of what would become the Gaia Online we all know and love now.

....Final Pick? Hammi Hat; hands down.
It's SO adorable, and I'm all about the originality and simplicity. =D
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Oculus Magica was in my opinion the best April MC (the new gunslinger is pretty wicked as well). One of the big items for changing your looks and quite a few options as well, it made building avatars very exciting this will always be a favorite of mine. 3nodding
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April 2007: Lunar Scythe
My very first dream avatar included a Lunar Scythe - it's the reason I've stuck around. Despite the modest amount of gold I've earned in the three years since then, it remains on my wish list... just that reminder of the joy and to keep striving for amazing items.
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I'd have to say Oculus Mythica. It's the first item I ever won and I remember envying those who had it when I first got on.
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Gunslinger because come on. Gunslinging. It's always awesome.
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Oculus Magica! I've always loved the many different things you can do with all the eyes. ^.^
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oculus magica
Simply one of the best MC's to ever be released. The biggest problem for most gaian's is the fact that their eyes take away from the look their trying to give be it lolita, punk, fantasy or whatever. With this item the problem is solved it enhances the look your giving and makes it more dramatic and eye catching.
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My favourite April MC has to be Cherry Blossom. It is so cute~!

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