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Lunar Scythe is total beastly!
It is the coolest weapon on Gaia in my opinion. &#xu2;665
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Voracious Fog!! Tee hee.
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That is a hard one as April is usually a good month for Collectibles.

I'm going to have to go with Prism Wings from 2005. It was the first time I donated to Gaia (a birthday present to myself since it is in April) and I love the different wing poses that you can have with it, as most wings there is only one set position for them.
My Favorite April Monthly Collectible is Oculus Magica from '07' It was the grandfather item to some of the later eye-changing items on Gaia. Items such as Chuchip's Blessing. Inari's Beads, Angelic Manner, and Demonic Style are some of the more major ones today. Although, I believe that without Oculus Magica, the ideas for these types of items may have come much later in the future, if not at all.
    The Bammi Hat. It's a classic, and because it's evil, and cute at the same time! 4laugh heart
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My favorite April MC is the Prism Butterfly Mantilla from the 2005 letter. I love the butterfly wings. heart
What’s your all time favorite April Monthly Collectible and why!

My favorite is the Voracious Fog, from April 2009. <3 It has a great color scheme (black and green = classic!) and one of the poses is great for providing a sinister ambience in an avatar. Plus, I love items that have a vase/urn theme, they provide a nice knick-knack to use for different kinds of avatars.
April 09 Cherry Blossom MC is my fave; it is so pretty! AND it has a lot of different uses. It makes me feel like I've gotten my moneys worth when I buy something that can be used as jewelry, dress, background, accessories etc. Not to mention it makes me want to buy more to complete the set!
April 07 MC Oculus Magica was pretty awesome too though- who doesn't need more eyes??
The Aquatica! I didn't use the shark poses, but everything else I incorporated into many of my avatars. The headpiece was my favorite part, it works well when I wanted to make a light blue themed avatar, which I did alot smile

AND, I loved that the artist turned the green bubble glitch into an extra pose. smile
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- Oculus Magica -

Because it was the first eye changing item that I like, not to mention the first in general It started the idea that objects could change the eyes. The different colors make it easy to match with different outfits and it adds that spice to an avatar that you want.
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I actually liked the Voracious Fog. It didn't seem to be a very popular choice, but the smokey darker MC seems to appeal to me more.
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Hm, I'd say Rock Hard (Demonic Mic). I love the color scheme and the theme (music ♥).
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i really love the cherry blossom and the aquatica X3
the cherry blossom cause it's asian and cute i admit
and the aquatica for the beautiful tail, shell accessories and bubbles!!!!!
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My favorite monthly collectible is the Princess Kaguya item because I always loved the story behind it. So far its the best one yet. heart
Aquatica. biggrin It's gorgeous and there's so many uses!

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