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My favorite is Cherry Blossom because it's adorable and gorgeous.
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my fav one from this month would be Harbinger of pestilence because ive been looking for a decent swarm and the bats i dont care for locusts sound cool also a gold sword seems like something i would like to have all in all it looks like it fits my general attitude and mindset the best plus it would go w/ my avi w/o too much work
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My favorite April MC would be this year's Princess Kaguya. I love all the items!
My favorite MC is the Black Wolf because if finally gave us wolf lovers a realistic wolf tail (among other poses). Before I had to use that craptastic Werewolf tail.
2009 imo.

I liked both the cherry blossoms and the fog. Both are quite elegant <3.
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I heart Oculus Magica
luv the eyes im just not rich enough to afford crying
I bet any one who wants to bet with me 3195 all the gold i have that i wont win! eek
voracious fog!
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My favourite would have to be the Princess Kaguya because I love the hair styles, but I also love the legend of her. I was so excited to see it when it came out this month.
Harbinger of Pestilence,

It has the coolest concept
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Oculus Magica all the way, it was the first of the eye mods to ever be released, causing such excitement among the gaian population.

Other MCs are pretty, yes, but the Magica was REVOLUTIONARY.
That in itself is what makes it the best April MC.

Also, the poses were pretty awesome too, from deep feirce green eyes to lovey dovey rainbows and roses! It added a new layer of emotion to avatars.

Too bad I sold mine, ha ha!
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My favorite April MC is the Cherry Blossom because it is so bright and cheerful, and it reminds me of the spring that is coming after the loooong winter. heart
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April 2007. x3 Aquatica is amazing, and beautifully done. Oculus Magica is really close, too, since it's so cute and funny at the same time. <3 Aquatica is more of a favorite than O.M.. If that makes any sense.
Oculus Magica FTW!~
i really love the harbringer of pesticile cuz i always was fasinated by plaigs and how little bugs could bring such devastation to a country
My favorite all-time April Monthly Collectable has to be Princess Kaguya.It's abeautiful item that merges the themes of the traditional story with a slightly more modern feel and it looks beautiful!

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