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What’s your all time favorite April Monthly Collectible and why!

My all time favorite would be Oculus Magica 07
I think that was the best one seeing could chose between different eye styles.
Most of my avatars are based on the equipped eyes...
hopefully that makes sense

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I guess my favorite would would have to be from the 2007 set. Its a tough decision, the new Kaguya is gorgeous, especially the hair, the Cherry Blossom from last year is a great pink item and it got me using more colors. But I think I will have to go with the Aquatica, it gave us some great mermaid inspired items and the sea shell bra and shell hair adornments worked with a lot of different outfits, the blue-grey goes well with lots of color combinations, and it has an overall lovely look. It was nice to see the shark tail as well, giving it a non-traditional twist. Plus we got some great bubbles and fishie companions!
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cherry blossom, because it's pink <3

what, a joint gaiaversary thread? <- come hang out with us
My favorite April MC is the Cherry Blossom from April 2009. Because I'm a huge fan of anything Japanese, especially of the beautiful sakura (cherry blossom) trees that blossom in April. It's also the first MC I ever bought.
My favorite April MC would probably be cherry blossom, its probably my favorite MC of all time because it reminds me of the cherry blossoms in Japan which look so delicate and pretty. Cherry Blossom is my favorite flowere because it looks really elegant and the cherry blossom MC was the first MC i ever got on Gaia. To me they represent culture and the beauty of nature which is often not looked at with all the changes happening in the world today.
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Bammi Hat! It was my first MC ever! biggrin
Cherry blossoms because they're so pretty and I'm born at the time when the Cherry blossom festival takes place
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I'd have to say the Bammi Hat, it's so cute and kinda evil at the same time. <3 I still have my unopened letter, sincei couldn't choose between the Hammi or the Bammi. ^^
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The Lusty Scoundrel is favorite. The reason I use it is the glistening skin effect which ultimately works well with most of my avatars.
the Demonic Mic! I wore those skull wings OUT. It was a very innovative item at the time, i feel like. And I remember wanting it sooo so so badly
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My favorite April MC is definitely the Oculus. I believe it was our first set of contacts ever. and I instantly fell in love with them. As a grombie, I still frequently use them!
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oculus magica!!!

I loved the censorship pixelated eyes!!!
My favorite would be Aquatica, it reminds me of the sea, where i grew up. It also bring back memories of the movie The Little Mermaid, I would always dress up as Ariel and pretend I was her.
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Oculus Magica is still my favorite april MC. 3nodding
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Out of all of them I would have to say my favorite is the Oculus Magica. It just had so many great eyes which could be used in conjunction with most items. Plus I really like to use demonic looking eyes in my avatar and that one had more demonic looking styles than most eye items. Most of the April MCs are awesome though.

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