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I looooved the Light Spirit MC, sept 2010!!!
I adore cute items, and this is just too kawaii *O*
The blush is adorable, I want it!
Mini nitemare wings from 2003, there so cute. I love them, but they cost so much. crying
Theyve got to be my most favorit mc of all time.... Besides angelic halo that is >.<
Darn you wealthy gaian's! XD
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seraphic bow.
What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why

September 2004!
I looooved the Bani Clips and Goti Clips.

They are supper adorable and very fun. I wish that I never sold mine. crying
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My favorite is Red Riding Hood. It's got a lot of poses and I've always loved fairy tales.
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hmm.. I would have to say Muramasa b/c of a few reasons.. One, I love the legend of the Muramasa and I love when you guys make items based off of historical or legendary items in history. And two, its my favorite looking sword Gaia has made.
I also really like the new Maleficent Seven as I REALLY love when you guys make anything thats rock/musician based!! (still waiting for an AMPLIFIER item to go w/ my guitars....)
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I don't even remember all the September ones, but from this month I like the Maleficent Seven better - anything with a realistic wig is usually pretty nice to have.
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Goti Clips from 2004. It was one of first mc's I ever had (next to Demonic Pitchfork and Guitar Of Demona) and one of my favourite items ever. I love having lots of interesting accessories that I can match with my avatars.
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I was absent for a long time from gaia, and even though I didn't get it, my favorite would be the Light Spirit from last year. Innocent blush is soo cute~ but i still can't afford it at the marketplace crying
Sir Rose Stryker says....

Maleficent Seven would have to have been the best September MC as the color is not used very often and when it is, it definitely has the feel and mixes we'll with just about any monochrome color!
I love the Maleficent Seven as I am waiting for a chance for a change in my avis look and this item definitely gets the prize in my eyes!


....Quote me for quicker response
Hmmm... I really liked the design of the Gothic Butterfly, and I tend to like swords so I liked Muramasa as well.
I'd have to say my favorite is this year's Maleficent Seven though, because it involves the seven sins, and those bring back Fullmetal Alchemist memories. Also the punk style caught my attention immediately. I like the belt and the hair best smile
It's weird because I really don't like purple, but two that I like are in purple XP.
I love Maleficent Seven because it has a really great, realistic looking punk wig, as well as a belt and scarf that can really add a special
touch to countless different kinds of styles.
So even though there's been awesome September MCs before such as Mythrill Armor, Gift of the Gods and the adorable Pandy Pack,
this one wins me over for the valuable roles it can play in many various looks.
Versatility is key, I say. 3nodding
My favorite is the OMG its just such an awesome hat, i love your character hats like that (i.e. OMFG, AFK, BTK, etc.) thats my all time favorite, best MC ever.
Mini nightmare wings!!!!

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