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My all time favorite monthly collectible has to be the ORLY? Hat from 2006 because that was one of the first monthly collectibles I got after I returned from a long hiatus from Gaia Online.
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I love the gothic butterfly. For one thing, it's purple, my favorite color smile and its well designed and very lacy, and the fact that it has a bit of a burlesque style makes it plain awesome smile heart
my favorite of september MCs has to 2008 Super Powers
i just love all the variety of colors. you can customize your avi with it to however style or fashion you want.
its just great
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i love the seraphic bow
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All of them because they are all so cute 3nodding soo pike me pleas heart heart
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Because having a fancy belt and a cool car only works for Batman.
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I would have to say Gothic Butterfly is the best even though I do love them all and I really do like this month monthly collectible (the Maleficent Seven) because of ALL THE PURPLE. You don't have that many deep rich purple color and this is really beautiful. So besides me loving the deep purple color I love the design of the Gothic Butterfly because of the grand size of the wings.

Another thing I like of the gothic butterfly is that there just seems to be more to offer (maybe because it just seems that way or the large size of the wings). What ever it is I think it gives suggestive undertones. I LOVE the Maleficent Seven Looooooong purple scarf lolz. That is great! I do have to congratulate the artist and creator of the scarf because out of all the scarfs this one goes down and totally different to all the other scarfs that are up and upwards. Totally and great new look.

Hope to see more creations from this artist/designer.

So did I tell you I like purple...so yeah blaugh
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My favorite September MC is the Superior Form item. With the wide range of skins to choose from, I later on was inspired to obtain the Uncanny Form as well when it was released. The variety in skins , in my opinion, is what I liked about this particular MC. When compared to the others, there's just no replacement for its flexibility in making new and interesting avatars with it! whee
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2k10 Muramasa. It has cool design, it's an amazing katana, and also, it reminds me of the Masanume and Muramasa tale (the one that says muramasa cuts everything, while on the other hand masamune is more human-like, as it only cuts whats necessary)

Wow it's hard to believe this has been a year ago. I just remember this item like it was just yesterday.
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My favourite would have to be the Pandy Pack. It's such an adorable item and is very easy to work with. It was also released the month that I joined Gaia :3
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My Favorite is the Black sheep because it's like the golden fleece from before, except it's so much better and cooler. When I first saw it, I was like omg, I need to get one.
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Maleficent Seven because I absolutely LOVE purple and purple is absolutely beautiful!!!!
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Mine would have to be Goti clips. It was my first item I have ever quested when I first started gaia. And I gave mine away a long time ago when I was about to quit, but when I decided not to, I never had the heart to ask for them back. And I started from scratch all over again.
I really like Gothic Butterfly, because it is very beautiful
and also in my favorite color heart
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Gothic Butterfly because it’s awesome!!!!

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