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Superior Form, from September 2007, was the best! One of the first skin-changing items that made it possible to do a lot of cool new things with your avie smile
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I'll have to go with the Mini Nitemare Wings.
Wings are so classic and go well with so many outfits. Black as well, matches with any color. They just feel so casual and cute!
What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why!

My all time favorite September Monthly Collectible is The Black Sheep because i LOVE black its one of my favourite colours heart and i adore the softness of a sheep heart and the collectible is just amazing thats why i want to win!! biggrin biggrin biggrin heart
2k10 Muramasa. It has cool design, it's an amazing katana, and also, it reminds me of the Masanume and Muramasa tale (the one that says muramasa cuts everything, while on the other hand masamune is more human-like, as it only cuts whats necessary)
I'd say my favorite would be the 2003 Mini Nitemare Wings. I like the current collectibles but I'll probably try to earn some cash to go get a Gaia cash card to get those. I like the Nitemare wings because i was hoping to make a dream avi based off of them. As a new player it's going to take a good while until I ever make enough gold to buy them on the MP, but I guess it's a nice reason to stick around. xd stare I'll probably try to bid on them if they ever come up on the Bid Blast though.
My favorite September monthly collectible is the Gothic Butterfly! I love any and all Gothic and dark items. I frequently use the Gothic butterfly, there is something I can use with every outfit!!
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All of them. (: ♥
I LOOOOVE the Hedgehog one for this month!! Hedgehogs are my favorite small animal and i really want one but I cant cause they're illegal in my state. :/
I really like the black sheep. I like it because it reminds me of the game Catherine. Which was an excellent game. smile It would make it useful in making an avatar to go along with the game.
My favorite is the Gift of the Gods, simply because of the Anubis portion of the item. There are probably enough people that know why the scales are there, but probably not too many that understand why there is a heart and a feather on them. Because, to move on and not be eaten by crocodile-leopard, your ka had to be as light as a feather~ heart I love how that was incorporated into the item.
Mithrill Armor:

Favorite for this reason:

The shining armor reminds me of characters I played in different video games. The armor is so well designed and magnificent to boot. It makes me wish I could have a set in real to feel that I have done great things and deserve to wear this armor with pride. It could be the symbol of honor, bravery, and strength.

How many pieces? I currently own four pieces to create this Knight of the Light.

Approximate amount I spent all together: 169,950 gold.
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I have to say all of them because someone usually gifts them to me for my birthday!!
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September 2007 - Gift of the Gods

I was charmed when this item was released. The Monkey King's Headdress and the 2 leaf poses were instant hooks. No matter how many times I clean out my inventory I always keep 2-3 on hand. It's a very elegant item that adds just the right touch to aliens, giants bugs, and sexy tree nymphs.

Plus, sometimes it's just nice to dress up as Thor, speak softly and carry a darn big hammer xd

This may not be my favorite MC of all Time (I have a thing for Hawai'i so my pixelated heart belongs to the Fire Flower wink ). But the Gift of the Gods is way up on my list.

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My favorite September Monthly Collectible would be the 2003 Mini Angel Wings. They are my favorite because I am into the Angelic theme on this website, and I think they look really good to go with an Angelic Theme. I wish I could have a pair, even if it was from my account from 4 years ago. stressed
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I actually adored the Superior Form, which provided various skins for your avatar. I personally went with the Joint Puppet Skin, Dead Doll Skin and the Feline Skin at most, but overall I found that to be my most favorite form.

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