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I prefer this year's Sept. MC. My reason?
Well, I adore the little Black Sheep 'cuz it looks cute and cuddly if you become 1. Though I don't adore Black Afro-Horns even though it clashes greatly with the idea.
Along that note, I think the Maleficent Seven is a great idea as well. The act of the 7-Deadly sins in a small packed wear-able item is good, but I kinda would prefer if it was in multi-type dark colors.

Those are my reasons for this year's September MC. Hope you guys have a choice, even though I don't know what this is about. cat_xd
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biggrin a lot of the september collectables were good! I think gothic butterfly was pretty cool
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My all time favourite September Monthly Collectible was the Panda backpack back in 2005. That was when I had my first account. I adore pandas! I got the collectible, but my account was hacked and despite my attempts, I never got it back. emotion_eyebrow

I also really like this month's MC, because purple is my favourite colour and I think the design was well done.

Best of luck to all hoping to win the contest c:
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i soooooooooo love the maleficiant seven because its so evilisch!!!!!!!!!!

and am making a evilisch character so it would go well with it biggrin it would make my character even more evilisch o.O => biggrin
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My favorite September MC would have to be the September 2010 Light Spirit item. I love having my avi blush such a deep blush and it does a good job bringing color to the really pale avis. While this is my favorite September MC I have recently found that it results in the "green goo" glitch which is maddening. It just isn't maddening enough to get me to stop using the item....
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Light Spirit was very cute indeed!
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My favorite September collectable is the " Muramasa " which came out in 2010. It was a very impressive sword that looked evil. It also has several options on looks unlike the original katana that was released. It was just more worth the gaia cash.
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My favorite September MC?

It would have to be the September 2010 item, Muramasa. This item is quite handy for warrior type avatars as well as an interesting take on a past MC, the Ancient Katana. Very well done!
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Mini nitemare wings. Cute little demon wings. I'd make such good use of them. Way out of my price range though.
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What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why?

My all time favorite September Monthly Collectible is September 2007's Superior Form. Why is it my all time favorite? Because I love the skins details of the different elements that one can choose from.
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Muramasa was my favorite September Monthly Collectible.

It has the good quality of the Ancient Katana, but at a much cheaper and more affordable price. It's able to compliment just about any warrior-themed outfit very nicely, when used properly.
The Goti Clips are my favorite because the dark style of them just looks so good and can really make an outfit great. Whoever designs the MCs did good with it.
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I'd have to say Gothic Butterfly. The blend of purple and black is great. It has a set of fantastic wings, and I love throwing the mask or hair clip on for that mysterious but elegant aura.
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My favorite September Collectible is the Gothic Butterfly, because it is so artistic and elegant! heart

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