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What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why!
um i would say this because it relay is going to help with me and my friends new look and personally i think that probably all of the collectible for every September is going to be relay awesome and beautiful that anyone would wont to bye it :3 heart biggrin smile
please keep on making awesome collectibles every year! i cant wight i look forward to all the new ones this year!!! biggrin 4laugh
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i like muramasa from last year the best

pick me plz!
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September 2003's Mini Angelic Wings

Although I havent been a member since Gaia Online's first release, I particularily love the original Monthly Collectables. Not only were they sold at a great, affordable price in the cash shop, they come in a sealed letter which gives you the chance to pick one item out of two options. MCs from 2003 have become a rare memorabilia which show how much Gaia Online has developed over the years. Mini Angelic Wings also look great on any outfit and are extremely cute. There are hardly any items I've seen that could size up to Mini Angelic Wings' potential. Those who have the item are very proud of their commitment to Gaia Online.
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I like the september 2011 MC the most, to be honest
Oh, Bani Clips for sure. <3
I use to have a thing for cute, and not only were these cute.
They were bunny's, I love them.
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My favorite September MC is the "ORLY? Hat". I love the many poses and emotions it as, as a hat! It's a very cute mc, that's for sure!
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The September 2004 item, Goti Clips.
They are my favorite because they have been with me from the very beginning.
I have always loved black and red, at the time they were the most popular item.
Even if they aren't now, they are still my favorite.
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I have to admit, the ones this year are very spectacular! Many of the MCs have been a little out of my taste but this month I was very surprised! Maleficent Seven is a good addition to the MCs!!
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" Ascended Demon "horns and tail. It's a light colored demon, most demon things are all seen as dark or red =_= boring but not Ascended Demon! smile
Have other favorites too, just don't remember which ones >.<
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My absolute favorite is the ORLY? hat from the September 2006 letter. It has plenty of different ways to wear it and it's just the most adorable thing. Very functionable, fashionable, and full of fun whee Haha alliteration rofl
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Maleficent Seven surprised i love this D: crying
ive always been a Fan of "Red Riding Hood"when it first came in 08 i o' so loved it.... but i cant recall if got it but im pretty sure i wore it back then that "wolf head thingy" cant remember though =)).....i also loved it since im also in loved with the story of the little red riding hood itself ....my uncle used to tell me the tale of that little girl when i was still little though his version was a bit gruesome O_O ....well anyway i really loved it.

to my uncle who passed away ... >.<
i miss you so so bad
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i like the maleficent seven because i did an expose on the seven deadly sins and love peoples different interpretation of each capital vice.
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My favorite September MC is Muramasa from September 2010.
User Image

The other MC items are cool looking and all, but Muramasa screams "I'm going to kill you!", I mean just look at it... *stares*. It's got all that blood, it's a cursed sword kind of like Frostmourne. It means business, sheathed or unsheathed.
Pandy Pack. Sooooo cute <3

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