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Maleficent Seven, Gothic Butterfly and the Pandy Pack. Purple and black totally rock together and the Pandy Pack coordinates with most outfits.The Gothic Butterfly just plain rocks!
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The Gothic Butterfly because, butterflys are graceful creatures by nature. And I always being a clutz, wish to be as graceful as a butterfly. Also, I love any color in the rainbow, but espically purple, pink, green and black. So the color choice was perfect. And I love gothic archtectuire and clothing, so it coralates with most of my favorite things. Also it can add a evil or innocent flare to your avi.
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My favorite September MC is the Superior Form. Not only was it one of the first skin items(was it the very first one?), but it allowed you to do so much with your avi with just one item along with opening up a ton of possibilities with other items.
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My favorite September Monthly Collectible was the 2007 Superior Form. It was one of the early item edits of an avatar's base that brought skin items, eye items, and hair items to be popular. It featured multiple forms that didn't change anything except the skin, it layered easily, and all of the designs were beautiful and detailed.

In all honesty, I wish it was still as popular as when it first came out. I am still a huge fan of all the skins that it features, and I hope more items to that kind of quality come out in the future.
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Hmmm Id have to say Superior Form from 2007 heart , I love the different skins that came with it and the fact that we could change are Avatars Skins like that I did Especially the Dead Doll Skin, and the Joint Puppet Skin made me smile. biggrin

I do really like the one for this year, but Superior Form is still my favorite September Collectible. xd
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What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why?

sweatdrop This ones a toughy.... uhmmmm........

My all time favorite September Monthly collectible would have to be the Hard Shell Pack From 2005, Because one of my favorite animals is a turtle. Plus using it you can cosplay as Bowser biggrin heart and i like that you can just run around like a little turtle hiding in this shell its so cute :3 lol well thats it... That you for your time... Have a nice day.

Sincerely, AidenAuthority
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I love the Maleficent Seven MC, because it has a lovely, mysterious, fantasy color - purple - and the style is in a punk, winter, biker kind of look. Both genders can wear it and put in their own little pissaz expressing their own preferable style whether its wicked or girly and whatnot. That is my favorite September MC and still is so far. (:
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Mini Angel Wings. They're so cute! And I want them! gonk
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Hmmm...I would say Hard Shell Pack from 2005 because I always enjoyed just wearing the shell and going into towns spinning around xD I would also have to say Superior Form from 2007 cuz that was the first item I quested for and once I had gotten my hands on it, I never let it go because it was special to me emotion_bigheart
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panda pack. it's cute. but i never got around to buying it because there were other items that i wanted to buy.
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My favorite September mc, would have to be the Gift of the Gods from September 07. The first thing that got me about this wonderful item is the fact that it was a alternate for one of my other favorite items. (gift of the goddess) Both of these items had versatility, something that was rare for a mc. Also all of the unique poses of the "Gifts" came from mythology and ancient beliefs, making them not only fashionable, but had a deep history and story to them. Keep making items based on history and myths, and you will keep not only the fashion minded gaians happy, but the ones who enjoy the thought put behind an item as well. cool
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id have to say the January ,December 2004-2005 was the best because gaia was starting out from those items gaia made alot of changes and evolved from that. That would my personal opinion.
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The serphic bow, it was my first set of angelic wings on Gaia, and I still iincorperate this item into every one of my Gaian outfits. heart
2006s ORLY hat is my favorite, it's a simple one, but so adorable and is good on both casual and fantasy Avatars and won the hearts of many Older/Early Gaians including myself the first years I joined!~

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