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What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why!

I like the 2003 MC just because I love angelic and demonic MC's. cool
Definitely the Mini Angel Wings from 2003.

Back when they used to be affordable lol; I wanted them so bad, but I could never save enough for them... They're my favorite because honestly, I had ambitions to make an angel-themed avatar back then, but now? All that gold is a little over my head.
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My favorite September MC is 2009's gothic butterfly because I they are simply gorgeous. One of my favorite colors is purple, and I love all the wing items (i've always wanted to fly, you know whee ) so I guess that item just struck me as amazingly awesome. smile
I think the Pandy Pack is pretty rad. Just sayin' - black and white are the best color combos, and who doesn't freakin love pandas?
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As you can tell by my Gaia name "Pandasarecooldude" =] its obvious that i love Pandas. Pandas are the cutest animals, by far one of my favorites. So my favorite September Collectibles would be the PANDY PACK whee . heart <3 love you guys <3 heart Goodluck Everyone ! 3nodding
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Light Spirit - Because of its colors and the burning blush was simply gorgeous also the several rings around looks pretty decent!
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I love this September item! The Maleficent Seven one is my favorite. I especially love the hair style, the scarf and the belt. The arm wraps aren't bad either but I want it because of the scarf and hair. XD
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I love the pandy pack 2005 I adore pandas and its a great way for ppl to show there love for them smile another reason is there's only about 1000 pandas left in the world we have to save them before there all extinct .There should be more panda love. By having a pandy pack you can show ppl that you love them lol and i really want one. and also black and white are one of my favorite colors smile
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What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why!

Haha, I actully really really love the Gothic Butterfly wings; sure there were a few ways only to wear the item but each way was so beautifully crafted. It's also just so elegant that sometimes I wish I had one in real life heart
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What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why:

Well my ALLTIME FAVORITE september monthly collectable would have to be:

September 2003: Mini Angel Wings


well both of them are just so adorable and you can use them for alot of costumes even for Halloween. and they just cost so much now that people how bout them at the time will get profit on them smile some people think that the price they have now is just completly insane but it accually a reasonable price compared to lots of others smile

Good luck everybody hope that people the truly deserve it will win!
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The Pandy Pack is amazing! biggrin
Super adorable~
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The Pandy Pack because i love pandas and really who doesn't?
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My all time favorite would be September 2009 Gothic Butterfly. I really like butterflies in general they're majestic and really pretty to look at which sadly means they are killed in great amounts to make displays for people. >_> For some reason I gravitate towards things with Gothic in them as it makes me think of Gothic architecture and cathedrals. Purple is also my favorite color as it's a bit mysterious and magical and I love purple and black together almost as much as purple and lime green. XD Plus, one can never have too many wings or wing themed items as they make avatars more interesting to look at.
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Gothic Butterfly!! I've always loved butterflies and anything that could flit around in the skies with grace (or maybe not so graceful.... *thinks of birds bumping into the windows*). I've also always wanted to fly away, and I love the purple/black scheme as they are some of my favorite colors.... So elegant~! I've also always wanted to try Gothic (possibly Lolita styled! XD) clothes, and that becomes possible even if only through an avatar! XD

And that obi and clip.... I want them in real life!!! >W< Especially the clip. I'm a total sucker for hair ornaments.

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