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My favorite September Monthly Special is the malice punk costume. I think it represents what a punk is. A punk is a person who lives to rebel and does so by their clothing style and actions. The pink costumes, therefore, seem like a softened version of what a true punk is, while the typical black is more visually harsh. People who are punks just for kicks ruins the point of it: the first punks were people who truly did see things wrong with our rules, and wanted to change them. They are, in essence, like all other protesters. The only difference is that they protest by being something society doesn't like. A woman's right's activist will be praised for the work he or she does; why should a punk be any different? That is why I think that the malice punk costume captures the soul of being punk.
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September 2005 i love the pandy pack and the turtle shell is cool as well xD
you get to be a turtle in your shell spinning around in the rally, town or anywhere else
the pandy pack is just cute all around no matter what pose you have it, also i love pandas so much heart
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My all-time favorite would have to be Superior Form. I love it!

It was a good way to change my avatar up when I felt bummed that I couldn't change my avi's skin. I especially love the fuzzy skin and the jointed doll skin from it. ;3

Thanks, guys!
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My all time favorite September MC is September 2006. It's my favorite because it comes with the ORLY? Hat and the ORLY? Hat is awesome! It's so cute and cuddly. It also comes with the Mythrill Armor, the sickness of armor. You don't need all the pieces to make and awesome avi. Combine the two of them and you have a armor clad warrior with a battle ready hat companion. That is why the September '06 MC is my favorite! ^.^
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my all time favorite is September 2009

I really really love the gothic butterfly, and it is sooooo beautiful and cool, plus I have never seen such a wonderful artistic creation, all the beautiful colors. heart heart heart
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Miniwings are the only answer!
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Mini Angel Wings

I love the things that is not only worth so much but nice looking and I love all the angel related items.
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I like September 08's Red Riding Hood~ Because of the cute cloak and the fact that the glasses would go great with my avatar~!
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I like the Murasame is awesome. I would switch to a male avatar and dress like Auron to use it!
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As a lot of others have said, I like the Mini Angel Wings. They're the ultimate status symbol on Gaia! So yes, September '03 is my favorite. heart
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My favorite Sept monthly collectible is the Gothic Butterfly.
I love purple, it's one of my favorite colors, and I like the style.
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My favorite Sept MC would most likely be from 2008, Red Riding Hood. Who can resist a childhood story come to life on Gaia? I love when we incorporate childhood memories with present time. It makes it a bitter sweet item that you can wear whenever you want and even play the part of Riding Hood, Big Bad Wolf, or Grandma in the Arenas.

This is one of my fondest memories so it's a cherished item to me. I think I'll go wear it on my avatar now that I mention it. (:
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My all time favorite September monthly collectible is September 2007's Superior Form.
It is my favorite mainly because I think it looks awesome but also because I loved the idea of having several different "skins" that I could easily put on and take off of my gaian.
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september '03, i suppose mostly because of my roots as an '03 member. the items were pretty spiffy too.
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A haiku.. *clears throat*..

Tiny angel wings
In September of Oh-3
They make my heart sing

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