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My favorite MC September is definetly the Superior form from 2007. Oh my do I love those skins eek
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heart the mini nm wings!
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September 2008 collectible because of the Little Red Riding Hood set! Wolfieeeeeeeeeeee!
My favourite MC is the OMG hat. It's like OMG ;D Words cant describe how cool the hat looks. Now i know why gaia named it omg cool That hat really exresses omg biggrin
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Gotta go with the Muramasa. It's cheaper and has more poses than the Ancient Katana. :3

Swords FTW!!! 4laugh
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September 2008 Red Riding hood, the axe is so awesome!
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My favorite September MC is the Mini Nitemare Wings from 2003. I just totally adore their adorable tiny pixel-ness and everything. It my dream item and is even more amazing because my birthday is in September so I feel "dorkily" connected to it. xP
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The katana is a real well known item. Muramasa puts a twist on it and adds some more badass to it. I personally would like to see more katana style items like this.
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The mini nightmare wings from September 2003 are my favorite. Mostly because they were the first MC I ever bought! I regret selling those beautiful things because they now are worth SOO much!

They were the first cute item I had to beg my mom to let me buy! Seeing as back then we didn't have the mobile option! This was when I fell in love with Gaia, and I say again, thank you Gaia for helping me fall in love with you!
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September 06's Mythrill Armor, it was a thing of hero's.
I've always wanted a full set since I saw it, so many good memories. whee
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Mine is the cardcaptor like one that just came out
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My favorite September monthly collectible would have to be this month's muramasa. I like it because it suits me so well and reminds me of a lot of sephiroth(my favorite FF villian)
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I like 08's Red Riding Hood.
I just love everything about fairy tales and the cloak and bonnet are just really cute ^__^
I personally like the Light Spirit because it is angelic and very warm and relaxing

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