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I would say Goti the Kid is my favorite September MC. I love sheep/goats and when it came right after the Kottan sheep evo I had to buy it! <3
Well, my favorite September collectible (actually my ALL-TIME favorite collectible) is the September 03, which has both mini wings. I've been lusting (as far as a Gaian heart CAN "lust" for an inanimate and pixellated object) for the Angelic Minis since 05, but have only seen them from "afar"---and since it's cyberspace, that's pretty far! *sigh*

Anyway, a September 10 would be fodder for that (unspoken/unadvertised) "quest."

But good luck to all who seek it...
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My fave is the september 06 cuz its was soooooo cute and adorable
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I'd have to say th Kiki Kitty. Sometimes I miss the old Gaia.
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my favorite one currently is gothic butterfly. i love how blue it is
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The latest Sept MC..Light Spirit!
It doesn't only fit angelic/warrior themed avi's but also the blush is perfect xD
I've always wanted a delicate blush on my avi :3
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User Image

User Image


Its so hard to choose
but the one that sticks out the most is Mini Angel Wings or Mini Nitemare Wings.
Either of them has been what I wanted
so im trying to get them User Image
Though Its very expensive... but I can try
Well the mini angel & nitemare wings are awesome cause
they make ur character look quite unique
I dont kno how ;o but it just does User Image
and congratz to whoever will win >.<


User Image
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It`s really hard to choose between them all haha. I`m gonna go with superior form because it`s a bunch of fun to have a whole bunch of crazy skins to work with and dress up. (: Plus, it`s a challenge to dress up with a skin that`s a weird color, and it`s fun. (:
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I like the monthly collectible of September 2007. The Superior form is awesome, and gave some neat options for skins. I especially liked the feline skin, and would have liked the dragon skin if it looked a little better around the eyes. The Gift of the Gods was pretty cool, too. Especially with the Glorious Leaf/Leaves pose.
This month's mc is pretty awesome, too, with the Light Spirit's innocent blush and the Muramasa being an epic sword that can even drip blood.
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The Mini Angel Wings and Devil Wings were absolutely my favorites. They showed how Angelic and Demonic items can be produced in cute ways. ;D
My all time favorite September Monthly Collectible is the Muramasa because unlike all the other weapons, when you equip it, it looks like you just made a kill. I also like the part where your face is gleaming and still hot from the battle!
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My favorite it's Muramasa because it's a sword, It has many poses and also gives you a red eyes effect.

Perfect for your inner samurai. smile
My favorite is last year's September 2009. The Gothic Butterfly, it encompasses so many of my favorites. Butterflies (see username XD), two of my favorite colors Purple and Black, a mask (I collect masks) and an obi which references Japanese culture which I have a big fascination in! It's almost me simplified down to an item!
Angelic Mini Wings from September 03. It was my first year on Gaia and I've always wanted a pair... my dream combo back then was a Ducky Hat with Mini Wings-- back when having a Ducky Hat meant that you were rich!
Kiki kitty, definitely. It's just too cute. heart

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