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My favorite september monthly collectible of all time is Goti the Kid because it has a lot of poses that look very nice and go together nicely. I would like an avatar that has all of those poses together! but yeah goti is my favorite september monthly collectible mrgreen
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A lot of September mc's are pretty cool. I mean, the superior form brought forth the whole idea of changing skins to a number of awesome ways! The Goti and Bani clips were adorable and gave us the more recent Goti and Bani plush mc's. The mini Nightmare and Angel wings gave us the dark and light items and mc's like the guitars and so much more.

This month gave us another sword type item and a cute item, a nice match for an MC.

But I'm gonna have to go with the 2007 mc's. The superior form really did bring about more ideas for items. Skin Tyte is a good example. And the Gift of the Gods was a great wide range of different items that work with a lot of different avatars.

This month, there's already sword items out there. True, none as bloody really. And the other one is a little better, but there's not much you have to work with.

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Last year's, (2009) the goat was just TOO CUTE!
Ok so my favorite ultimate of all time EVER OUT OF ALL SEPTEMBER MONTHLY COLLECTIBLES is obviously hard shell pack because i like how the backpack pose looks like and the animation it makes when i move in towns or rally when i use the turtle pose
September 2007 Superior Form. It was probably one of the first MCs I bought, and I still use it to this day. Very useful item that gives me a variety of skin options.

The September 2005 Hard Shell Pack comes in a close second though. My Hammer "Bro." cosplay wouldn't be possible without that item. xD
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and again i need it i need and im questing every angelic item in gaia (golden and blue sometimes with white) like that light spirit and they are really expensives gonk
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I'd have to say the MC for September 2009, Goti the Kid & Gothic Butterfly, is definitely my favorite. Goti the kid is very adorable and can be used with the Goti clips. Gothic Butterfly, I found, is very beautiful and it looks great with other butterfly themed items. The two items are a great pair, one bringing out the 'kid' in you and the other bringing out the possibilities of purple-based avatar...perhaps. wink

My favorite of the September MCs would have to be a toss up between Superior Form and Light Spirit. I love those items because they can both go well with a lot of different items and just look awsome on their own.
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This was not easy! Like, I remember buying some of those items when they came out... Like the skins....... mmmm...

I want the new one! Light Spirit, so cute and pretty! It has so many options, is soooooooo pretty, and like the blushing or whatever, makes your avatar like..... FREAKING LOOK LIKE REALLY EXPENSIVE AVI ART! I must have it!.... Please. I could use for so many cosplays <3 And I promise to never sell it! well.... not for at least half a year or so :]
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My favorite September 2010 MC is This years Light Spirit bc I heart LOVE heart White and Yellow things and i also see it kind of angelic... not really angelic but it has the colors for it and it kinda looks like it which i also heart LOVE heart wish i can buy it( which im probably gonna bc im gonna get it with my b-day money)

Also just to let Gaia know... ITS MY B-DAY TODAY!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!(September 23, 2010)
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None of the September MC's really stuck out to me but I guess you could say my fave is the orly hat because...well it's a cute little owl thingy XD
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My Favorite Monthly Collectible Is The Grim Reaper Of Febuary 2010, Its Desighns Are Amazing And The Picture Is Awsome And Its From The Same Month As My Birthday
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Mini Angel Wings are my favourites. They're just so simple and have always been a favourite of mine and an item I've dreamed of having.
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Between Kiki Kitty, ORLY? Hat, and Muramasa, I have to choose either ORLY? Hat or Muramasa.

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