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My personal favorite was the Angelic Halo. dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama
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I took a look at all the past November MC's and I actually like this years the best. November 2011. I like it because it is a fall item and there aren't many actual fall items in the market, and it also has a bit of frost with it. I love the snow and with the frost tipped leaves on the dress, it is perfect for representing the transition from fall to winter.

Have a great week!
Datamancer, puts my two favorite things together. Dancing, and robots. :3
Angelic Halo 4 sure
IS a simple item that dit's wery well with evrey outfit
The Nightmare Parasol. I really don't care for most of the other November collectibles over the years. It's the one that most aesthetically pleasing to the taste of item s I use for my avatar.
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Angelic Halo. heart
First Frost has to be my favorite November MC. It is a beautiful color combination of red-orange and white. Orange is so often tacky, looking like traffic cones or safety vests, but the orange used in this MC make it classy and beautiful. Not only is the color scheme well chosen, the item designs are beautiful with clean lines and intricate art details.
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My favorite November monthly collectable(s) would be the November 2007 collectables Wild things and Autumn Glory. They are classic collectables and we're made the year I joined. They bring back memories of how Gaia was when I originally join and it's been amazing to see haw Gaia has grown and changed over these past 4 years.

Aw memories cat_4laugh
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2009's Unicorn is my favorite. It's so adorable and I loves unicorns!
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I liked the The Nightmare Parasol because it is cool
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My favorite would be OMG (hat).
Because it's so cool. 3nodding
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My favorite is First Frost. The combination of autumn and winter is amazing in color and design.
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Gilt Thorns from 2010 TY Letter's. The dress is one of the best I've ever seen here on Gaia 3nodding
I like very much this month's first frost either: every single item in it is so... autumn-ish emotion_bigheart
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I think my favorite would be first frost.
That question is so vague - you know many entries would say AFK or OMG xD

Anyway, my all time favorite Nov Monthly Collectible would be the Autumn Glory, from 2007. Honestly, i love this item because i love fall. The pose where leaves fall is perfect, it's basically the exact pose as the Aphrodite item that has pink roses falling and same with winter rose.

I enjoy using it with multiple avi - looks, and attempting to own a 2nd pair. The scarf is cute and vibrant with colors and the mug is awesome. I haven't found another item that can have a smoke or steam like fog come out of the mug because its hot chocolate or coffee. besides a NUT full of glory right? yeah i don't know - don't pay attention to me. But yeah - i really like Autumn Glory, Nov 2007.

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