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i would say i like wild things and Datamancer because i like wolf and the black outfit
Novembers mc i finally something different eye catching and unique it definitely not lacking style like some have been maybe you guys are making a change in to more unique mc's that look like they should be cash shop items like these do may i suggest evolving mc's as well i hope i win lol biggrin
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The OMG Scarf because I find the plush quite adorable~♥
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i really like the OMG scarf! it's super cute and i like black coloured items <3
My favorite november MC would have to be the OMG, it is classic and elegant in a way and it makes your avatar stands out. It has also became a signature in the culture of Gaia as you can see it all kinds of products but I have to say none of them beats the original talk2hand
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I heart 2009's Royal Wizard! The background is fabulous and the white hair can be used with so many other outfits! biggrin
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my favorite November Monthly Collectible is 2007 bc wild things it gave you an animle and armor for it wish i still had it
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It has to be Royal Wizard.

I mean, the level of detail is so intricate, it really does speak for itself. It's name matches the item perfectly, there are so many poses, so many different ways to use it and just looks divine.
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I just love the OMG Scarf from november 2010! emotion_jawdrop The cartoonish quality of it is awesome and I use black and white in a LOT of my avatars. I love the original OMG hat just as much but the scarf is much more flexible! blaugh
The Muramasa, because of many reasons! One: My birth month. 2: I love sword items. 3: Japanese folklore, gotta love that! 4: It's red and purple color mix! Two of my favorite colors. 5: I think the red eye glow that came with the last sword pose is awesome. heart whee
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Mine is the Nitemare Parasol from 2005!
I remember when it came out because I was getting really into parasol's and gothic lolita style things. It actually inspired me to try making my own lacy parasol in real life, of course it didn't turn out all that well sweatdrop but at least the Gaian one is still pretty.
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I'd have to say the Mini UFO.

It's such a different item and not many people really appreciate how many types of cool looking avatars you can make with that little UFO sucking your brain out.

I love it.
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I think the Datamancer is very unique. It gives your avatar a new, stylish high- tech look, that makes it stand out for lightyears
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I love the November 2009 Monthly Collectible Unicorn item, because could use the white/pink-blue-contrast-tones colors wig rofl (magical mane) and fairytale field which also is very cute 3nodding
I like unicorn. I love the colors of the hair.

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