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I have to say that I don't have a favorite one yet because I haven't gotten one before, I love this month though because it's my B day tomorrow ^^-
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Devil Tail! Definitely. ^^
My favorite is the First Frost collectible.Its so cool.Totally fallish!
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First Frost. 3: Which is why I bought it because it makes my avatars skin look all snowy.
I've always liked the Stone Gauntlet. It has a lot of detail, and it's kind of unusual.

I love the little neon veins in the poses, they look almost like something out of Atlantis.

It was just a well done item in my opinion.
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I would have to say my All time favorite Monthly Collectable for November would have to be Autumn Glory.

It fits perfectly with the month since it is in fact Autumn. This item complements November quite nicely, especially for Thanksgiving. Each of the parts of Autumn Glory perfectly resembles the month of November, from the falling leaves to even the Acorn Mug.
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The AFK from Nov 2003. It came out right after I joined, but back then it was so hard to earn gold.. and I didn't have a credit card yet so I couldn't donate. So it took me awhile to get one because the price went up and up and up... but then one day my good friend surprised me by giving me one for my birthday. And it was awesome!
It has to be the OMG! hat. :3 Why? It has this mysterious aura to it. I've wanted it est. I was a noob. Even if so, if I were to get my hands on one; I would try and not have my account hacked by hooligans. Overall, I just love the feeling it gives me.
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I absolutely LOVE the hair of that item and the body.
I'm into bright colors, so it all works out.
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Thats a really hard decision. November has to be my favourite month of collectibles.
If I had to choose one though, it would have to be Sno Yeti. I 'aw'd' out loud the first time I saw him. So cute and fluffy, the perfect winter companion.
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What’s your all time favorite November Monthly Collectible and why!
Well my favorite has to be 2007's Autumn Glory!
Not only was it the year i joined, but i use it EVERY YEAR!
It goes with almost all of my fall avatars, and the piles of leaves are irresistible.
November 2007's Autumn Glory has to be my favorite November MC because it let's us frolic in a big ol' pile of leaves like I remeber doing alot as a kid when fall rolled around. I also like the falling leaves pose, nothings better than takeing a walk in the fall, looking up and seeing all the leaves falling from the tree's and showering you in their beautiful colors~ heart
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The OMG is definitely my favourite! It's almost the wicked embodiment of Zomg!, and what's more, the artwork and the attention to the smooth lines and detail just makes it more perfect. whee
Definitely the Wild Things MC, because I love me some animals and I've always wanted to have an "dangerous" and "random" animal for a pet, like a wolf or a tiger. And it was my first non - nooby item I ever had. I got it back when it was like, 7k ?

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