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The Wild Things
Three animals with two different poses each seems like a more than a fair deal to me for nearly 40k gold. I believe it also allows you to combine each pose with Wild Armor. The idea to enhance one item with another is quite revolutionary.
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Dapper Gekko

My favorite November collectible would be the Stone Gauntlet.
It reminds me of my favorite childhood movie, Atlantis (which is one of the movies that inspired me in my animation career choice). It's also a very earthy item, and it reminds me of home (in the mountains), and I also love the details on it, and I think it's beautiful.
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My favorite is October 2007's Gothic Veil. The simplicity of the veil makes it so versatile and it was just pretty. biggrin
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I guess my favorite November MC is the OMG Scarf cuz it makes a really cute face like this: owo (without the mouth ^^') Plus it has several features like a fuzzy plushy...wah...^_______^[/darkred]
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gilt thorns!! the dress is amazing!!!
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the unicorn
I like november 2011 monthly collectable first frost because i love the hair.
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Sno Yeti, 'cause you just ain't chill without one. xd
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Magical Girl

My favorite monthly collectible would have to be from the November 2003 section, the OMG hat. I joined around 2007, and noticed this amazing item on a few people, here and there.
I yearned for the item badly, but never got enough gold to receive it. The price will always be out of my price range. sweatdrop

It doesn't have many poses, and is a simple item - - & yet it defeats the rest in it's looks. I adore the way it tails off and creates a zig zag effect. (& that skull!) It is both cute and edgy to me! It is just so stylish looking... people who wear this hat, look so cool biggrin

Smooth lines, great detail, dark feel to it. What more could you want?

I tend to stick with the darker items, and if only I had it in my grasp ~ My avatar would be perfect. heart
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It would have to be the OMG. It's one of Gaia's most iconic items, and it just gives me a sense of nostalgia to the good old days~
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Royal wizard coz it"s something of fantasy and I like the idea of wizardry..... And I also like it's blue...

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OMG just because it's so simple and easy
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Destitute Hoarder

Autumn Glory. Without a doubt.
I love the colours and it's kind of eternally useful.

Also, who DOESN'T want to romp in a pile of crinkly leaves?
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My favorite has to be the Autumn Glory!
It's really pretty and I love the colors in it.
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I'm going to say my favorite MC from the penultimate month of the year is the Mini UFO.

Hear me out. Sure the crashed into the head isn't terrible fashionable, but the other poses make it great. The abduction beam is silly and ell done, making the mini-UFO look as if it is a regular UFO in the distance. The vehicular mode is one of my favorite foot alternatives, ever. It even has a *You Are* pose, and those are always nice and makes your avatar stand out by having a non-standard Gaian silhouette. Though I rarely change my avatar and, thus, rarely wear it, the Mini UFO will most likely remain my favorite November MC!

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