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security blanket
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My fav MC was my first ever bought MC it was from May 07. I finally got off of unemployment and started working again So I treated my self to that. Ever since I make sure to by at least 2 or 3 of each just to keep as a keep sake of good days.
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My favorite is the Royal Wizard. It's one of the few items on Gaia that are, how should I put it, pure old-fashioned fantasy with a bearded wizard. Also, I love the colors used, despite the fact that they are a bit tricky to use... That doesn't matter though, it's always nice with a challenge! Ah, the beauty of dusty books and magic...
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My fave Nov collectible is probably this month's Gilt Thorns. I like black, corsets, and the darkness in the final pose. =]
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My favorite would have to be the beautiful, Gilt Thorns.

The headpiece reminds me of the crown of thorns, that Jesus wore, and the black rose adds sense of darkness that twists. 7/10

The spiked boots make me think cowgirl turned diva. they're a bit hard to wear with some attire because they collapse the foot and point to the side, instead of down. 6/10

The bolero would have been a tiny bit better if they curved in just a smidge at the bottom so it didn't look like the 'black mandarin bolero'. I like the firey sleeves and the up-collar with the chain. 8/10

The golden scarf could have been a tad better. It looked a little rushed, or maybe like a good idea that didn't come out all the way. Maybe it should have been a scarf belt combo; Where as the top would be a scarf then the thorns would cross, come down over the chest and tie to a belt. 7/10

It's very easy to see the Cage Gown is the show stopper. Fashion wise: The bustier is very beautifully embroidered the swirls of thorns for the bottom appears very liquid and flowing as if the vines have somewhere to go but are taking their time. I love the bottom being see through so the user can add any skirt to complete the look instead of being held back by what already there. Item wide: Very detailed. You can see the fabric folds of the waist very clearly. I can tell it was a superb idea to make a see though gown so that gaians will buy multiple bottoms and shoes to cover the extra space. I've also noticed that Gogh Reed's Crystal Skirt complements it.

Last but not least. Vine Trap. It's a very nice dark item. Reminds me of Sleeping Beauty when Prince Philip was fighting Maleficent. Digress. Another item with sweet detail. The vines wrap in the front and you can see their shadows in the back but I'm sure most won't see the black rose until they're trying it on. The thorns are very prominent without being too obvious and when you turn around, they shift, with the rose ever to your right. I like how they swarm up from either a black pool or a vine's bed straight from the ground; so they don't look like they just 'appear' out of nowhere. 10/10

Gilt Thorns, in my opinion is one of the best November MC's you have, though it is not alone. I do also enjoy; Autumn Glory, Wild Things and Stone Gauntlet. Ciao!
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i like the unicorn~~ i need that cause its on my wishlist for a very long time now ^^
I want the gilt throne MC its so pretty yet it looks dangerous, the item has a unique color that makes a good combination
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I'd have to say my all time FAVORATE Nov. MC has to be the OMG Hat from way back in 03. I don't have one, but I still think it's hands down the best Nov. MC. But that OMG Scarf is right on the money to go great with the hat. The OMG Hat has been kind of that Iconic "thing" that when I think of Gaia, that's it. Hmm, now that I think about it, didn't you guys offer a real one in your merchandise store under Gaia Gear? What ever happened to the re-stock? GET ON THAT ASAP! Anywho, yeah, best MC from Nov = OMG Hat.
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I like November 2006 / MoMo the Monkey. It startled and amused me when an avatar with it equip to the leg position went into a sitting position and it did a "squished" pose under the avatar. It was clever and provided something extra and fun. I also love seeing the MoMos around in Otami on zOMG - it's one of my favorite things to see about and subtly worked into the design of the game.
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Twinky Dave
My two favorites would be this month's. The omg scarf, is to become an instant classic, i can feel it now, plus it IS an extension of the great legacy that is the OMG hat. ANY thing thats related to this, and fits the theme is soon to be epic. and personally Gilt Thorns seems more like an Evolving Item if Anything, it looks like alot more could be milked out of it. It gives the dark side of the rose, the thornes, but also the golden flower its self, and shows that its a package deal, you can't have one with out the other. THESE HAVE TO BE THE BEST MCS FOR A LONG WHILE!!!!! AND I MUST THANK GAIA FOR THEM!!!

I don't think I could've said that better myself. I completely 100% agree with you!
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November 2007 Autumn Glory, because with it you can create the perfect autumn feel 3nodding
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I like the july 2003 collectibles, cuz i love the panda hat heart , its very cute 3nodding
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My favourite November MC is definitely this year's Gilt Thorns.
That tangle of thorns is a great defense against those rotten little ankle-biter dogs. You know, those little yappy things that never shut up? Plus, giant headgear is always fashionable. 3nodding
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My all time favorite November monthly collectible is Autumn Glory(2007) because my favorite time of the year is autumn. You may ask,"Why Autumn Gory?" Autumn Glory is the culmination of all that is peaceful in the vicious cold. Although spring is colorful, warm, and soothing; spring is beautiful under good conditions. However, Autumn endures the harsh summers and the blistering cold and is still able to maintain its beauty with the colors of faded green, a crisp yellow, and crimson red. Of all the seasons, non can hold such beauty on the most grueling conditions.
My favorite November MC is Toadstool from 2008. I liked mushrooms since I got memory, remind me the little smurfs, also the purple is one of my favorite colors. whee

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