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The Unicorn! DUH! Happy colors + beautiful field of flowers + awesome hair = perfect!
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hmmmm this is a toughy, probably the afk from 2003. even though it's old and the pixels are old, it's still so cute and manages to match newer items.

the november hats from 03 are the best animal hat items we've had in my opinion.
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I think the OMG scarf is my favorite...anything with a stuffie is super lovable..even if the stuffie is dark and mildly evil looking... 4laugh
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By far, my fav Nov item is the OMG Scarf. Great throwback to the OMG, plus adding the always popular wing poses.
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My favorite, out of all the November collectibles, would have to be the Snow Yeti Pillow Plush because 1. I like making outfits using white, 2. it's so darn cute!!!! whee 3nodding , 3. I can do many things with it (different positions), 4. I LOVE stuffed animals, 5. I love plush pillow, 6. he's so big and FLUFFY!!!!!! and 7. the snow yeti is just plain AWESOME!!!! blaugh
heart heart heart heart
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the omg scarf!! <3333 plase choose me gonk biggrin smile heart heart heart heart
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I've always loved the OMG hat .. I've always wanted one, but it's WAY out of my league. I adore the OMG scarf though, and at 250GC it's worth it!

My favorite November MC is the Nitemare Parasol! It's deliciously devious!
My favorite is the AFK hat because it was one of the first items I ever quested for, so it brings back a lot of memories. heart
My favorite is the OMG scarf, because the wings with it look pretty sexy
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Autumn Glory because the colors are stunning and it gets you in the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving spirit.
The Stone Gauntlet is my favorite for November, because it contains fabulous poses and items. They're fun to work with.
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My favorite November MC is the OMG Scarf i really love it because its looks cool when you wear it.
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I like the OMG hat best because it would probably match good with omg hat and it just looks really cool.
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My favorite is the OMG from 2003 <3

Mostly because, when I first saw it, I knew I'd actually wear in in real life. I mean seriously, how epic is that hat? Plus it's a classic and it's one of the few items I actually have Gaia memories associated with. All the late nights roleplaying, making avatars, creeping on the chatterbox...


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