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The Demonic Pitchfork is THE BEST monthly collectible because nothing says awesome like a sharp, black, three-pronged piece of metal. It's the best basic evil weapon and it's classy to boot. You really can't beat it.
My favorite November MC is the Nightmare Parasol. I used to have it and wear it all the time, so it makes me rather nostalgic. <3
Favorite of all time would have to be the Wonderland MC for March '08

I just love Alice and Wonderland and seeing it in for the first time made me squeal with girly delight(I actually scared my mom with my squealing XD ) needless to say I scraped every gaia coin I could to get it(I even had all my RL friends sign up to gaia to get more coins) so yea. I have it and I think I can finally die in peace ;3
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My all time favorite MC is the Steel-plated Ninja band. I love it because it is very unique and not everybody has it and I am questing in hope I am one of those lucky people who have it biggrin
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I haver really had one before... So I'd have to pick this months scarf. heart

I love how its not JUST a scarf. Its a dress, too! And wings, and it brings back one of the oldbie MCs. <3 Its perfect, cute, and workable in an outfit.

If you did this with the AFK, it'd be a big hit.
Favorite NOVEMBER Monthly Collectible would probably be Stone Gauntlet. It just looks really cool and has great poses.
The OMG Scarf is definitely my most favorite November MC. It's items are creative, if not unique in their own way. The OMG Scarf is a classic.

Elegance, creativity and having it be based on a classic item makes this my most favorite item so far.
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My favorite November MC would be the OMG hat. I've always wanted one. My sister has one of your real life OMG hats though. Those are fun. And quite warm. :3
My favorite November MC would have to be Toadstool because it's so cute! <3
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My favorite is Wild things because the chicken reminds me of Chocobo from final fantasy smile
The Stone Gauntlet definitely! While a bunch of November MCs are cool, this one just fits more to my liking than others.
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AFK Hat has always been a favourite item of mine. It's just such a classic Gaia item and it's super adorable!

Nightmare Parasol because it's adorable and goes well with what I like.
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my favorite would probably be the almight BTK hat. its more than just a "bit too kewl." it is way too kewl. biggrin
Nightmare Parasol FTW. It's nice and fashionable. <3

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