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I like November and all mounth because will make new story..???
What’s your all time favorite November Monthly Collectible and why?

Well I don't have a Favorite Monthly Collectible, I avoid looking at them actually. It makes me feel bad that everything is so expensive, and I don't have the money to get Gaia Cash. I have tried to do the little quizzes and stuff, but they never work for me. So I'm cash less and the Gaia marketplace has been victim to inflation and all the monthly collectibles all obscenely expensive and I can never buy any. cry
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::.'.☂.'.Somebody hear my words .'.☂.'.::

✗✗ Stone Gauntlet, 2008! It has really workable items and poses that really caught my fancy. ✗✗

::.'.☂.'. The ghost of romantic tranceiver.. .'.☂.'.::
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DJ Helsing

What’s your all time favorite November Monthly Collectible and why!

My all time November MC item is the 2003, OMG hat.

I really like it since it does keep pixel heads all nice and warm.

I actually own the hat in real life, but not on pixel form. D;
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OMG hat, because it is the most expensive hat and very awesome. rofl
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OMG from 2003.
Yes, this was before my time. I admit my first account is from '06, however, since the time I joined I always wanted one.
And the new November MCollectible renewed my love for the item.
I guess the reason I really love this item is one of my best friends (the one who introduced my to Gaia) had the real life item at one point. That might have come after, actually...
either way I thought it was awesome, and I knew I would never afford the real thing, so I would go for the fake Pixel one.
Anyway, I thought the new OMG item would be an acceptable substitution. Thanks for the chance to win too! /brownnose
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whee OMG Scarf~!!! Definitely... It would look so cool in any get-up~!!! 3nodding
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With all due respect, I have one word for you:

Stone Gauntlet definitely! It's such a fun item, and every bit of it fits my taste. The "crowns," the backgrounds, and the gauntlets themselves! It's from 2008~

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This year's OMG scarf. There's a soft playfulness that hasn't been seen in MCs in a while... Plus it's versatile and really cute. heart
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My favorite November Collectible is the OMG Hat because it's so rare! Only the richest of Gaians have acquired this hat! It's also cool because you can buy it in real life! [:
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The OMG hat.

I'll never end up owning one though. xD
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I like the Sno Yeti Pillow Plush(chillin'). Reason: Because it's so cute! biggrin
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What’s your all time favorite November Monthly Collectible and why!

I am absolutely in love with the AFK. It was the first item I really quested for and got. I had a great quest thread with lots of old friends and new ones, and had a great time. Although I hardly ever wear it, it has a special place in my heart (and inventory!).
of course the OMG scarf its so awsome who wouldnt want a scarf named OMG!!!!!!!!
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I'd have to say Unicorn is my favorite November MC!

I love the calm, pastel rainbows that the item has. I also enjoy the centaur form and the horn.

I've always had a love for unicorns so it appeals to a special place in my heart!

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