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My favorite November MC is the current OMG Scarf, because it's a tasteful extension of a classic item.
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My favorite would have to be the snow yeti... the reason I like it is because it reminds me of a stuffed animal my grandmother gave me before she passed away.
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My all time favorite November Monthly Collectible is the Gilt Thorns, they are so pretty and classy
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I would have to say that the 2009 november monthly collectable is my favorite. I grew up on my little pony and the collectable feeds the little girl in me. I always wanted to be a fairy princess with a pet unicorn...gaia made that happen. ^.^
It would be between Wild Things and the OMG Scarf X3 They are just absolutely amazing heart heart heart XD
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Fall Groom. Finally some cool looking men's shirts in black!
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If I had to choose another favorite it would be two collectables in fact, the current omg scarf, and the original OMG from 2003. They are like squishy little demon babies that don't know they are bad yet. Then you made them into clothing and thats even better. I have to say the OMG is one of the better ideas in items that gaia has had.
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i like year 2010's MC because it features the best items out of all november MCs. I especially like the gilt thorns, they look really cool!~
My favorite November MC is Sno Yeti Pillow Plush. Because I love the plushies so much, and this one is adorable... Soooooo Cuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! blaugh
My fav is got to be wild things i love the idea of a mount i play alot of games and never had had enough money to get a mount so this makes me feel important that i have one here plus the tiger and wolf are just too cute
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My Favorite November collectible would have to be the kong sang scarf. It is a very epic item and i love equiping it when i go onto ZOMG. I love its color and how threateningly amazing it is.
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My favorite November MC would definitely have to be the OMFG scarf. It was the continuation of the most amazing original item that just made me glad Gaia did a nice job with it.
My favorite November MC is the autumn glory because my favorite season is fall. Especially those couple of weeks where most of the leaves have turned brilliant colors but haven't been whisked away by the wind yet. The autumn glory captures this well, along with the growing chill. I've always loved the little acorn mug with the steam curling up from it.
It was the nicest November item when everything was original. It in itself was one of the most original items when you allowed it's owners to fly above houses and such in towns.
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heart AFK is my favorite. It's so adorable just like me heart

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