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My favorite November item is definitely the OMG hat. It gives out a dark style and sweet looks. ninja
My all time favorite would have to be November 2009's Unicorn. As a child, I absolutely adored unicorns, and (thanks to my dad) thought I got to ride one for my fifth birthday. My "unicorn" was really a white pony with a plastic horn and colorful ribbons in its tail, but I was completely enthralled. Seeing the tiny unicorn and all the colors of the hair and tail brought back some memories of my childhood, and I can honestly say it's my favorite.
wow, going through all the past November MC, there are so many I didn't know about or just forgot about! My favorite is the Unicorn from November 2009. I love the magic mane hair! Don't know how I missed it last year.
Dreamers dust:
Because i love the wings i use then with almost all my avi's biggrin
my favorite november collectible is the omg scarf because its name and how it looks when you wear it it looks freaking awesome and amazing and such so ya thats my fav
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i say this years omg scarf because of the fact that it continues the legacy of the OMG hat and also because of how much is included in it
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I love the OMG Scarf from this year. Its just...adorable!!! whee
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it can hang on your ears, face, how can you resist liking a monkey like that! <3
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i like the OMG scarf best for a few reasons...
1) the item's look
-------overall, it has a really soft, plush look, something harder (?) to achieve for such a small icon
2) the item's different "poses"
-------it has a wide variety of "poses" to choose from, from the hat to the scarf to the skirt.
3) plushies
-------i have this unhealthy addiction for anything soft and fluffy. this item has a freaking adorable plushie included.

i think my favorite part of the omg scarf is how soft and how cute it looks ^_^
I would definitely have to say the September 2005, Pandy Pack.
I have always had a place in my heart for that adorable, black and white rucksack.
Were also one of my first monthly collectables, so it has sentimental value to me too. (:
My favourite November MC is 2004's BTK, I like it because of its furry adorableness !
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With a menacing howl and a snapping jaw

I actually like the gilt thorns the best of all of the previous November MC's. The gown and base of this item are my favorite parts. As you can see by my current avi I love roses and have a ton of, if not all, items on gaia related to roses. This item is definitely on my wishlist right now! xp

we will concentrate on ruining your face.
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I love the OMG Scarf because I have been wanting Black wings for my avii for ever.
When I saw the OMG Scarf had that pose.
I had to get it, and I love mine ever so much.
OMG Scarf!
Why? Because it's so different and versatile. Black is a classic color and goes well with almost anything. And it's a cute spin off of the 2003 OMG hat.
+ some of the poses of that MC are too adorable to miss. <3
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My favorite is the OMG but I don't have one xd

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