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My favorite one would be this months (specifically the Gilt Thorns), because it's my first November monthly collectible! It completed a look for me that i needed! biggrin I also find the OMG hat to be completely adorable as well and would love to get my hands on one!
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I would say that my favourite november MC would be the OMG hat (but I don't know since it's technically a 'donation item' sweatdrop )
I like this MC because of the general design of the hat.
Also because I like pointed hoods/hats, It looks wicked smile .

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Hmm, I think I like the OMG hat. Its a classic!
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This month's collectible is actually my favourite. My favourite avi's are ones that have a mix of good/evil or angelic/demonic, heh. So the colour gold reminds me of anything good while the thorns sort of contrast so it is a perfect piece. ;D
My favorate monthly collectable is the steel plated ninja band ever since i joined gaia i wanted it it just looks amazing !
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My favorite November monthly collectible is this month. The OMG scarf. I would have stated the OMG because i would like to buy a gremlin hat if I had the extra cash (darn school). Besides preferring a dark theme item, I liked it related to the OMG hat and is purely gaian. Keep up the good work Gaia!
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My favorite MC is the Ancient Katana.

I still think it's the best sword on Gaia.
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My favorite November MC is the Autumn Glory. It's simple, yet beautiful. The colors of Fall are always beautiful!! I personally love using the Falling Leaves pose the most. It perfects any Autumn outfit or any orange/red outfit really. The Autumn Boughs look great with Halloween avis too, I used them last year! I also adore the scarf & the mug. I love using them from time to time, the mug is cute & the scarf adds nice flare. They work great for Winter avis too! Out of all the Novemeber MCs, Autumn Glory has got to be the best! ^_^

(Though I must admit, this Month's MCs are quite awesome too!)
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Hey My faveourite November Mc is Gilt thorn i justc ant stop loving it its so elegant so perefect and the dress is so cute heart and pretty! and i recommend other people to try getting gilt of thorns its really an addictive item for me smile i just cant stop loving it heart heart heart heart
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My Favorite Is November 2006's Stone Gauntlet
It's My Favorite Because....
It Has So Many Uses And It Looks AWESOME... xd
I Think The Team Or Person In Charge Did A Good Job On It.... smile
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My favorite November Monthly collectible is the November 2007: Autumn glory, because I am a big fan of all things leafy and it reminds me of a time long since past when my sister and I used to rake leaves up into a big pile and jump in them and then pop out, scooping up a big pile of leaves and throwing them up in the air to be swirled by the wind. Of course we we're in the Midwest so we got bitten by chiggers, but it was well worth it. Even now, 15 years later I still get the urge to do just that, and hide in the leaves for a while. Fall is my favorite time of the year. razz
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hmm my favourite November MC would have to be November'07(wild things&autum glory). i really like the autum leaves item. i think that its a really pretty and versatile item. i like the wild things item beacuse i think its a really cool and different idea. not to mention that they're both really cute and pretty items heart
The Sno Yeti!!!
November 2005~~

It's such an adorable item and can compliment any look you are going for. I recieved one way back when, but then I donated it.

It was a fabulous item and I miss mine... sad

All of the poses were absolutely fabulous!!!
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I say it would be November 2010's OMG Scarf.

It's very much like the classic revival of the much loved OMG and I would say it looks really cool for a 'come-back item' though this one is the scarf version but still I really like to have one... badly!

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