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My personal favorite MC would have to be the Steel-Plated Ninja Band. <33
I've wanted it ever since I joined Gaia three years back, because I was a HUGE Naruto fan at the time. I worked extremely hard to get it, along with help from others who which I'm great friends with now. When I finally bought it, I was extremely happy. :'D I loves my Ninja Band so much. x3
And not only that, but I also have a Ninja Band IRL. :3
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my favorite november monthly collectible is the current gilt thorns 3nodding
it's gold AND black! epic colors and really cute too smile
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My favourite November MC was 2009, I love the Royal Wizard and still use it in many of my avatars.

I have always been a fan of Magical themes and I also love Gaia items with hair in, so it has a bit of everything in it for me. biggrin

My favorite MC would have to be the DJ Studio Headphones of August 2003 because I love the look and feel of a good set of headphones around my neck, playing my favorite song.
November OMG hat of '03. Its just amazing... I mean who doesn't love a hat like that?
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My favorite iNovember MC is the Mini UFO, because it let's you turn into one. It's BA heart
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I like the gilt thorns, they look really cool and looks like it would be nice to have.
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My favorite November MC is the OMG hat. I just love the skulls on the hat and black is my favorite color.
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My favourite item for November has to be the Gilt Thorns, they're so beautiful! just the way the spiral round the avvy would suit mine so well ^_^
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I wanna join.

Cause i need OMG scarf. biggrin Cause it has a cool design.
As of now, my favorite November MC is the OMG from November 2003.
Its a MC that's tons of fun and works with a lot of different outfits
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My favourite MC is the AFK hat. I think it is the most adorable item in existence and is just.. beautiful, and I have one in real life too!
Plus, I shall not quit Gaia until I have one.. >>
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My favorite November MC is the Royal Wizard, because I'm a big fan of fantasy fiction.
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My favorite all time November Monthly Collectible is MoMo the Monkey from 2006. I loved my MoMo when I had one, it's so adorable. I've always wanted a pet monkey, but since I can't have one the MoMo was the next best thing. Yay for monkeys!
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My favorite Monthly collectible would be the OMG Scarf because i really love scarfs and especially this one because it takes on the form of the classic OMG monster. I really love how you can hold the little monster. It looks almost like a puppy! ^_^ if i don't win it I'm still going to quest on it scream Anyways keep up the good work Gaia!

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