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My favourite may monthly collectible is elemental wings.

This is my favorite because they wings allow me to express how I'm feeling on any given day. For example, when Im pumped up or happy I wear the fire wings or if Im relaxed or chill I wear the wind wings. Being able to express myself so easily using one item is awesome =3 Makes my avi look badass too!
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What’s your all time favorite May Monthly Collectible and why!

my is the gold layes
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my favorite is the money pjs the look amazing i bet if they were real they would be so comfy
Bear Pjs :3
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Thank You Letter For May 2008
May 2008 is my favorite. I like the different elemental wings and Love the ability to change my avatar's eyes. In short, both items rocked!
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bear pjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they r adorables!!! <<333
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my favorites are Bear Pajamas.Monkey Pajamas.&Demonic anklets i like then because Bear Pajamas & Monkey Pajamas look so cool on me and demonic anklet's give me wing's to fly with
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-mines would be bear p'js because i had some when i was a kid and i still have tons of bears in my room and i love wearing it on gaia because i can make my face black and be all like imma bear to me its a combo of cute and fearsness im glad they installed something every human being loves
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Demonic Anklets!!!
I think the Water Sash May 2011 monthly collectible is the best not only because its new but, its different then most items in the past, very entertaining to the imagination,showing you how gaian creatures think.Its also a very mysterious item, its like its the future of Gaia. I've seen others with this item...though i haven't gotten to try it out myself. I'm looking forward to that.
my favorite may collectabal is elamental wings because i ca walk with elaments on my back
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I will have to go with May's Oculus Mythica. After the success of Oculous Magica, I feel like this item took a huge step up into customizing our Gaian avatars. Because it was so popular, we now have many eye changing options!
My fav is the bear pajamas caz its so epic
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mine is the flame sword because it looks cool wielding it or on ur back 3nodding or the WTF hat i luv it

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