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Want to Win a May 2011 Monthly Collectible?

Here’s How To Enter:

  • Reply to this thread with your answer to this question:

    What’s your all time favorite May Monthly Collectible and why!

  • Submit your entry before Monday May 30th 2011 at 12:00 noon PST!

Rules and Judging:

  • This contest is open to all Gaians! We will not disqualify anyone based on age or location.
  • You must reply to this thread with your all time favorite May MC and tell us why. Incomplete entries and spam posts will be disqualified.
  • Though you may submit multiple entries, we highly recommend that you choose your favorite May MC and best reasoning and enter only once.
  • Entries must be a May MC accompanied by a relevant reason why it’s your favorite, or they will be disqualified.

When the contest has ended, Monday May 30th 2011 at 12:00 noon PST, we will review the entries and choose 4 random winners to receive a May 2011 MC. The winners will be contacted via PM and will have 72 hours to respond or they will forfeit their prize! Winners may be announced at the conclusion of the contest once they have received their prize!

Have Fun and Good luck!

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Bear Pajamas
My favorite is the Bear Pajamas because it's original and you can cover up almost your entire avatar with it. cool
My favorite May's Collectible has to be May 2004: Bear Pajamas & Monkey Pajamas. They're so adorable, that any one who tries it on can't BEARLY stands it. It has a nice size in it, it's really comfortable and vintage looking.
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My favorite is the Guitar of Angellus. I love the back position on the guitar because it looks like a wing. c:
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My favorite one is the bear pjs.
I love bears and being able to be one is too adorable. :3
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Bear pajamas! 4laugh Too cute.
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My favorite were the Demonic Anklets that came out in 2007.
Why? Because I use them a lot with any kind of avatar I want to make and the equip options were nifty ideas.
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My favorite is the demonic anklets...they can be put on almost any outfit and still be cute 3nodding
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May 2008
I love both Oculus Mythica and Elemental Wings because they both go perfect with any outfit

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Perfect disaster
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We need more then miracles
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My favorite item would have to be May 2008's Oculus Mythica. I love the ability to have so many choices and variations of eyes. It makes it so you can complement your outfit on your avatar with a fierceness, or a happiness. =) So much fun to play off those eyes and make an outfit revolving around it!
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My favorite is the Demonic Anklets, they're just really beautiful.
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Love my demonic anklets!
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What’s your all time favorite May Monthly Collectible and why!
my favorite is light spirit, because i think it just looks very nice and it just looks awesome lol o,x
I'd have to go with the bear pj's because it's both deadly and cute at the same time!!....i mean?!?! where else could i get something like that!!!!???!!!?!?!?!?! so yeah..bear pj is probably the bets may monthly collectible.
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My favourite was May 2005.
I still have my Guitar of Demona.
I was excited when Gaia finally got a musical instrument.

I am not a weed!

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