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I love most of them but my favorite would have to be from 2008. The Elemental Wings are beautiful and tend to sit on most "I Am" poses which looks really cute when messing around in zOMG! My favorite MC of that month would have to be the Oculus Mythica, though. The old fashioned eyes pose allows me to "hide" my eyes, so it looks like I don't have any, or that they are hidden under my bangs. It gives off that special effect and really "makes" my avatar. I wouldn't be able to use anything else to give me this effect, so it is my favorite MCs of the month of May. heart User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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My all time favorite May MC is the Oculus Mythica. I use it alot for making random avis (especially when going for a solid color like ice blue). I love how many poses it has so that it is flexible for all users to fit thier needs and desires.
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i'd have to do with the popular vote of this years may MC's
bani the bunny is pretty cute, but i like the lunar sash the best.
if you couldn't tell already, blues my favorite color. and not just the color, but to have the mystical design of the universe as your clothing, is pretty cool.
the design/graphics for this MC's looks a bit more developed to me too. its all 3D'ish and the color blend is lovely.
also, i love that it has a pendant in it too. i already have the angelic pendant, though if i didn't have it, i'd totally buy the lunar sash for its pendant.

i'm just waiting a bit more for the prices in the market for this item to drop a bit more, then i'm gona get one myself.
my favorite all time may mc is bani the bunny coz they're so cute and adorable
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While the Pride of Hera was beautiful and i hardly know anyone who doesn't have a pair of Demonic Anklets, Bani the Bunny is mind meltingly cute, but i have to say that the Lunar Sash wins out, adding to the delightful collection of Lunar based items. Lunaris would be proud!
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My favorite May Monthly Collectible is the 2004 Bear Pajamas. Well when I was about age 6 or so I used to have a pair of piggy pajamas I would wear all over the house and where ever my parents would let me out in public with them on, they were a pale pink color with little piggy ears and they were the full body pajamas just like the Bear Pajamas. This collectible reminds me that I need to find another pair to wear around the house I don't care if people think I'm crazy or not, footy pajamas are soo comfy, don't knock it till you try it at least once or twice 3nodding
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Guitar of Demona is my favorite because of the neat poses it has.
I agree, the Oculus Mythica is very cool. Its flexibility in avatars is what makes it such a desirable item for me.
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My favorite May Collectable is definitely this year's Bani the Bunny. I love companions, and the general adorable-ness of Bani. The poses are perfect and fit into a lot of different avatars, I'll be using it frequently for future cute avatar tekteks. C:
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My favourite May MC is Oculus Mythica, mostly because it's really versatile item, which match to many things. Empty Eyes pose was for the very long time my favourite eyes and I didn't take it off.
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I havent been playing that long to know the difference between the one collectible or another so im going to have to say that this mounths are the best but if i hade been playing long enough to know i would still have to say this mounths because well why not. i even think that the luner scarf would go well with my dream avi witch beleave it or not im most of the way there. the scarf would make a fine addition to my dream avi
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My favorite May Monthly Collectible would have to be this month's Lunar Sash. We've had lunar items before, but this one seems more elegant. And, admittedly, I'm a sucker for the Sailor Moon-esque forehead bit.

(Demonic Anklets would have to take second place though :3
The Oculus eye ones were nice, but they don't layer over grombie skin or the skin I use over my skin very well X3)
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ZakeraZero Says
I personally like the Lunar Sash. (A.k.a. This May's MC.)
Why? Because out of all the May MCs, this one I've wanted to have more than the others, one I'm willing to spend $2.50 on. (Considering I've never actually spent money on Gaia yet, I have used a cash card that was a gift though. Don't get me wrong, I support Gaia and would spend a few dollars on the site to promote it's growth.)
Plus... Ish my favorite color. Bluuuue~
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My favorite May item is Yokai's Treasure from 2007.
It may not go with a lot of other items but I like it anyway and it's my favorite because I really love the kimono option and white mask. I really like the Asian demon folklore feel of all the ways to use it.
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My favorite May MC is the Demonic Anklets. I love how they provide a contrast to the old Angelic anklets and still have more cool forms. They're versatile and well created.

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