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I like the Lunar Sash because I love everything lunar. Like the Lunar cowl,lunar cloak ect. I think its because the crescent moon is my symbol
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Bani the Bunny Is beyond Cute it has my vote. So fuzzy and some awsome things that can be equipt.
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ello, My name is cyanide. My favorite MC collectable would have to be Bani the Bunny, Its really cute!! It fits me so perfectly, even more so seeing as I have a white pet bunny in RL. Her name is Bella and Ive had her forever. How can you resist those little flopsy ears. This would be a most amazing gift to receive, and would be most greatful in having it.

Thankies for the opportunity~

Cyanide heart heart heart
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Oculus Mythica would have to be my favorite May MC, in fact I would say it is probably one of my favorite Gaian items. It has so many poses, and each one can completely change the look of your avatar. You can use any of the eyes to take your avatar's look to the next level. I would say that the Oculus Mythica and it's sister item Oculus Magica have been a part of 90% of the avatars I've made since I got them.
My favorite May MC would be the Guitar of Angellus from 2005.
I really like all the poses especially the one where it looks like you have a collar around your neck.
I think it's a great MC and I wish I had it!
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While this year's MCs are really the best May MCs overall, I think -- I have to say my favorite one all-time is probably the Demonic Anklets. So many useful poses, it's very well done. The only pointless pose is the bat-stache, really. wink
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Another difficult decision to make..

I'm tempted to go with one of this month's collectibles since they're so appealing... but I haven't really had much time to play with them yet and I don't want to jump to that answer just because they're new and shiny.

I think that Oculus Mythica is probably my favourite May MC. It's definitely a step up from its predecessor, Oculus Magica, in that the eyes don't add hard-to-work-with backgrounds to the avatar. There are so many different styles of eyes that the item works with a really wide range of avatar looks.
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I just have to say, Bani has to be my favourite may mc yet. It's easy to match and incredibly cute. Not to mention quite versatile.
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Angelic Bow.

Was one of, if not the first 'angelic wing' item we got. Very useful for making angel avis back when our wing selection was rather thin. Still happens to be one of my favorite wing items.
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May 2004 Bear Pajamas! O: Why? Well, If I had real PJ's like that, it would have many uses : Halloween Costume, Sleeping in, Scaring People..Y'Know? But mostly I want it because it's cute o_O & to..scare people
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My favorite may collectable is Bani the Bunny. You see, I'm what one would call an old soul and in a past life some years ago, I was born as an Alaskan bunny. Life was good as a bunny, blending in with the snow and having a fur coat to keep me warm. My life was cut tragically short when I was eaten by a wolf. Bani reminds me of the time when I was not eaten and living as a bunny, thus being my favorite.
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Used to be the Angelbow because it was the back wings of its generation and I love angelic themes. Now, the Bani ones are priceless. Must get more.
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Its a toss up between the demonic anklets and bani... whee I'm going to go with the demonic anklets though because I use them quite frequently still. I love the pop of color it gives to our feet!
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Demonic Anklets. They were the first MC I ever bought, the first MC I ever gave away as a donation, and the first item that accidentally became 'my item'. You know, that item that your avatars all seem to have? That no avatar seems complete without? That item. biggrin
I would have to say my favorite May MC would be the monkey and bear pj's. I know that's not really a crowd favorite, but I always thought they were so cute. They give you the option to be plump, like a bear just ate your avatar. Or where it kind of clung to your avatar and it looked like you just skinned an animal and now you're wearing it as pjs. Pretty cool overall.

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