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My favorite April MC is Demonic Anklets. Because, It was the first MC I wanted when I joined.
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It was a cold dark day for my avatar, as she sat there in a dark corner looking down at the items she currently had equipped.
"Oh, these items I have right now are so over used... I wish I could find something new... something beautiful..." she sighed as she closed her eyes and bowed her head.

And then it happened!

An message appeared in a thought bubble above her head!
"Hey, I've got one announcement!" she read out loud.

She opened the announcement to see that the new Monthly Collectibles had been released.
Both the room, and her eyes, lit up at the amazing and sparkling sight of the Lunar Sash.

"Oh! This item is... is perfect! The color! The style! I could make so many beautiful outfits with this" she exclaimed, as she ran to the Marketplace to buy one.
However, her quest was cut short when she realized she currently did not have enough gold.

"I may not have enough gold now, but now I have a quest to embark on! I will have this amazing and perfect item!"
And she set off on her quest!

[Translation: The Lunar Sash is so pretty and amazing! I can't wait to buy one!]
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The demonic anklets would have to be my favourite May collectible, because they fit with so many outfits and can be applied in various places.
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My favorite May MC has got to be the new Bani the Bunny cause it's the cutest and most fluffiest bunny item out there. >w<
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It's kind of a tie between the guitars of demona and angellus, and the new Lunar Sash. heart (You can't see it, but I'm wearing the Lunar sash. :3)
The angelbow from may 2006. I just love it. I am using it right now, as you can see. It is simply awesome. I love it, since I love angel like wings. I got two of them in the marketplace, for two of my accounts.
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My favorite May MC is actually this years Lunar Sash. I love the deep blue color and the sparkly. I also love all the different ways you can wear it. Its so beautiful.
      i'd have to say the Demonic Anklets because they seem to fit with any dark themed avatar.
      i've been using them since they first came out and was an instant favorite.
      i'm sure if there was a May '03 item, it would probably be the other favorite.. lol.
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    questing Devil Tail;
    Gaia Marketplace.
    A classically styled devil tail, long associated with shady tricksters.
    i make HQ graphics for donations of 50k+.
    side questing: clothes from shops.
    3.825M // a lot.
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Mine is the May 2010 one, Bani the Bunny because it's SO cute and it has the prettiest white leggings, bunnies, and sweater! I'm also born on the year of the bunny, so all bunnies strike me attractive ;o
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Guitar of Demona was my favorite may MC.
I just adore the demon arm pose. o 3o
I love base altering items, especially those with some sort of strange creature theme. heart

The back mounted pose is also nice. Not over extravagant but not unnoticeable. :>
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I heart LOVE heart May collectables. Not only are they around the best time of the year, when everything is new and bright, but I think they have the most originality.

My absolute favorite May collectable is Elemental Wings.
Wings bring out the best of any outfit and with Elemental Wings, there is a style or type of wing that fits in with any kind of outfit you can think of.

The best part of the Elemental Wings, in my opinion, is that they represent the elements (lol obviously). I am a huge fan of altering my avitar for the seasons on the four mids (Midsummer, Yule, Spring Equinox, and Autumn Equinox). With the Elemental Wings, I can easily dress to impress with the perfect accessory.


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May 2007, the Demonic Anklets. <3
Why? Because it was good time for the Winged Anklets to get a rival. And because they were given to me by a friend! <333
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I looked through all of the monthly collectibles for may, and i have to say my favorite by far is this years Monthly Collectible. The Lunar Sash, I like it because It is a lunar them and that always nice, It is versatile has many different ways it can be worn. To put it simply it is the best designed May Collectible out to-date. The colors are pleasing to the eye, both Male and Female Avatars can wear it without seeming to masculine nor to feminine. It has the ability to be combined seamlessly with other items to create an interesting avatar.
ninja headband is the best item so far because you get a choise of three and i really love it because it looks cool on everyavitar you have its just too outstanding
It's a toss up between the Oculus Mythica and the Pride of Hera but I think I'm going to have to go with Oculus Mythica 2008. I like the variety of eyes, they're so neat! You can make so many different looks with it. Some are adorable and some are flat out creepy! Just perfect!

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