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My favorite definitely has to be the Oculus Mythica
because this item, not only does it have many forms, but it portrays many characteristics and identities to the user. Each eye tells a story of sorrow, or mythology, and even mystery, causing anyone who views it to wonder what the symbolism is behind them smile
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My favorite monthly collectible? The Lunar Scythe. Seriously, what is cooler than a scythe? Aside from epic scythe poses, it has super nifty slash poses so when I cosplay Death or anyone else with a scythe, I can just throw in another scythe to the mix (Lunar or not) and have some motion in my avatar. Epic MC? I think so.

my faourate may MC is bani the bunny.
because it looks so cute and most of the MC's dont come like this,
it looks like a kiki and is a cheaper more cuter character smile
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Demonic Anklets were my favorite. They were a long awaited counterpart to another item that I also liked, with many versatile poses, that I almost always end up using in an dark themed avatar.
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Kawaii Shapeshifter

This May MC is the best one, because I love Monn's related items ^_^
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My favorite is demonic anklets because it's a very versatile item. I can always incorperate in to my avi and it always helps me disperse black throughout my avi. I think i use it in just about every avi i make.
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Dangerous Lover

I've always been a fan of the Guitar of Demona. It was the first item that really could give my avi a 'rock' feel. I wore it for months when I modeled my avatar after myself. Huge perks for it having the poses to cross with the Guitar of Angellus and give you a wing of both light and dark. The awesome demon hand is nice too.
I want this month Bani the bunny collectible because i like it alot and i want to give it to my irl girlfriend ardillacha(that's her gaia name) for our anniversary next week, she is always talking about the bunny and loves those kinds of animals, so i was thinking it would be the best gift.

Thx in advance
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For me, it would have to be Elemental Wings. The different designs are beautiful and the fact that you can put half a wing on is great, because if you have two, you can put two together. I like using the light and dark ones together.
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Guitar of Demona it made a demon arm and the first demon wings also. Drool I love it still.
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User Image

Definitely the guitars from 2005. Especially the guitar of angellus!
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Im gonna have to go with this May's collectibles. The Lunar Sash is just so amazingly well done. The blue is to die for. Then there is the adorable Bani the Bunny. Every pose is so well executed. You guys really went all out on these Mcs. They have been the best so far this year. Keep up the great work. you brought back y love for the monthly collectibles. Thank you for all the hard work. ^^
my fave May MC is Yokai's Treasure. i love this item because i love jap looking clothing that gaia has created,ans i love the tail from the item, heart
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My favorite is probably the new Bani the Bunny I have a thing for bunnies, like bunnies are automatic win for me. .___.

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