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I know that Kiki kitty is a famous Gaia icon but my favorite is the Spirit falcon. It had a wings option [and affordable] and there was the cool blue bird spirit and a 'real' falcon that you could have around. It was really fun to have [bought in my first year on Gaia].
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My all time favorite March MC is Wonderland. It represents the story, Alice in Wonderland which has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. The adorable dress, from Alice, the purple cat, the large cat with yellow eyes, and the queen's dress. :> It just shows everything from the tale, which I love very much. <3
My favorite March MC would have to be the Spirit Falcon. I really love the Spirit Falcon because it was one of the items that I wanted most when I first started gaia. I ended up putting the quest on hold while I was making my first cosplay avatar with the money I saved from playing ZOMG. While smashing the animated, I happened across someone who is now a good gaian friend of mine who helped me out immensly. I ended up getting the Spirit Falcon for my friend as a thank you gift and then later buying one of my own. The poses of the falcon itself are strong and beautiful and remind me of the falcon's own friendship with it's trainer.
I like the kiki plushie because i really love design of kiki and that alot of ppl have it XD
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I would like to see something green, I haven't yet. Green is my all time favourite colour and I would love to have something green. <3
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Defenitely the kitty plushie
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kiki plushie <3 i joined at the time it came out so it's pretty special to me. and i have been saving up a bunch of menoy but i never seem to get there.
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I like the Phoenix Circlet, I also like the Spirit Falcon.
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My favorite is the 2011 MC. I'm a bit new, so I like it. Plus I like Fortuna's gold dropping biggrin
i'd have to say pale or afk. Simply 'cause i've always adored them. Don't know why but they're so cute.
I have to saythe kiki plushi, Its so cute: D
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Kiki Kitty Plushie because:
1. It goes with virtually any avi
2. It's adorable ^^
3. It's a classic, it never gets old.
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Kitsune Mask Definitely I've been questing it for 4 years now! emo
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I'm thinking either the Spirit Falcon for the bird poop on the head (sign of good luck (for some dumb reason)), or the Frog, for the lily pad umbrella 3nodding xd
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My all time favorite March MC would have to be 2008"s Wonderland!! When I was little I told my mom that I didn't wait to be a princess or a fairy , I wanted to be Alice, marry the Cheshire cat , and have the Mad Hatter as my butler!! XDDD heart heart awwww good times dramallama

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