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My favorite is Sapphire Plume
If you wield you have no eyes,
But you have one.

It's so natural, not green, it's blue.
It'll stick to your body,
Just like a perfect glue.

In the end you can grab your bow.
In front of its creators,
I have to bow.
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Romantic Phantom

March 2008: Wonderland!
It's just so gosh-darn cute!
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My favorite would have to be Mythic Hair. I mean I never seen wings on a hair look so beautiful plus the treasure hair complements this Month's Fortuna.
Hello Everyone smile
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I love Kiki Kitty! So sweet, adorable, and innocent-looking but we all know that it's like the ceiling cat. Devious! I love it!
I personally love the Penguin Slippers. They are my favorite March MC because I love Penguins and my good friend loaned me his for my avatar till I could save up for my own. It made my day!
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Kiki Kitty of course biggrin

Besides the fact that its so cute, it an epic item.
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This would be my first monthly collectible experience. biggrin
I'm likin Druid the best.
DJ Helsing
Umm I'd have to say Kiki Kitty.Why you ask? Because I think it's very cute and it pops out of your avatar making it look really outstanding.
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My favorite March mc is KIKI KITTY heart
because Kiki is adorable and perfect for almost every outfit... 3nodding
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Kiki Kitty, a MC I've had my eyes on ever since I saw it. c:
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Gotta be the Kiki Kitty Plushie biggrin Again, one of the first MCs I can remember, plus it's sooo cute biggrin And it is just such a Gaia classic and so recognisable XD
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I am new to Gaia, and this is the first time I have seen a Monthly Collectible so I would have to choose the Woodland Druid. mrgreen
Thank You Letter For July 2004

the item i have quested since i joined in 2007 smile and i have never stopped saving and i never will!!
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My favorite March Monthly Collectible is the Spirit Falcon.
The reason being it was the first monthly collectible I ever bought.
I remember I played games like crazy to save up enough gold to buy one. At the time they were selling for like 8,000 gold which was a lot for a beginner like me. I still have it as a matter of fact ^_^

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