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Once again you have faced me with the most difficult question of my Life:
What is my favortie March MC?
Must you make choose....I guess so
LOL Well i have to say i like the the one in 2010 was kinda Earthy.2009 was kinda Old-fashioned but 2008 was adorable yet frightning at the same time.But the 2005 Kiki plushie was absolutely adorable to the MAX.And i know everyone is going to pick that one but i will choose a different one.......
Okay never mind.I like the March of 2005 Monthly Collectible,Kiki Plushie 4laugh
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My favorite was 2009 spring nymph. I like it for the ivy wrapping up and then the trees and the nature feel to it :3 heart
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I would have a tie between Spring nymph and Kiki Kitty D: they're both amazing <3

-The spring nymph made me happy and free because I could feel all nakee eek

-Kiki because of the adorableness of the lil guy sitting on your head dramallama
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I have to say Wonderland.
It was the first MC I ever owned, the first gift I received on Gaia, and it's totally adorable. (And hey, it's also Alice-related!)
March is my birth-month, and I completely loved it when I received it as a birthday gift from a friend. heart
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All March Collectibles Are My Favorite, Because Its My Birthday Month So I Always Try To Get Them All! 3nodding

But My All Time Favorite March Collectible Has Got To Be The "Spirit Falcon" March '07, Because I Love Birds And Bird Watching.

Also Who Can Forget KiKi An Iconic Figure To GaiaOnline's Name!
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Wonderland: because the item stays true to Alice in wonderland quite well(other than the rabbit but I find it a nice take considering that what else could be done for the white rabbit) I am an Alice in Wonderland freak and love it when you change something to leave your mark but still stay true to the original.
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I'd have to say the KiKi Kitty Plushie (March 2005) is my favorite March collectible simply because it's is really old and valuable. It's very cute and can go with any outfit really. I've never seen a person who wouldn't want one of these. They're very cute and are just precious.
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Kiki - Why? Because KIKI D:<
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Mine might be Fortuna. It works nicely with my favorite item, Biacamella. ^_^
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March 2010 is one of the most beautiful March MC, both the Sapphire Plume and the Frog. They give a very fresh, natural and green feeling. Among the two, I wouldn't be able to distinctly say if I prefer Frog or Sapphire Plume, as they both have their own beauty. Frog appeals to pet, cute things, animals and nature lovers while Sapphire gives a more fancy and stylish feel for those who prefer beauty over cuteness. Both items complete each other in the March 2010 MC, which is a part of what makes it my favorite among other March MC.

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So then I said...

I like the Techno-Mage March 2009 MC. It makes me laugh. It defines my nerdy self and yet is pretty cool And of course, the Kiki Kitty because of its adorableness and iconic self.

now domo will dance.

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I believe that March 2011 would be my favorite out of all the March collectibles. In fact the Woodland Druid and Fortuna could be worn together in some ways that would complement both collectibles. Also, I like the gold of the Fortuna because it matches so much and the earthy elements of the Woodland Druid because it also could go with so many other items on gaia to make a unique avi.
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Ha ha definitely acended demon I Just LOVE the cute little devils tail just adorable heart
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i loved the Kiki Kitty i love cats i have two myself and am always ready to help a stray so i really love all the kitty based items on gaia but kiki was the best!

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