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I like Fortuna. Gold goes with most outfits, so you can use it a lot. (Even though rain is a bit of a boring concept now. Cough cough.)
My favorite March MC is the year of 2004. Item is Fuzzy Penguin Slippers. I think it is the only March MC that is cute looking. I like it.
I never really checked out monthly collectibles but march is the month of my birthday and this year i saw the fortuna and fell in love with the golden slash that i thought would fit my gaian perfectly
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i like the kiki kitty its so cute
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I would say, Kiki Plushie is my favorite March Collectible item.
When my friend told me about gaia; i first saw that white cat in towns, eqquiped by someone. Im amazed in its cuteness, and i love it! heart blaugh
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KIKI KITTY heart heart heart It's so adorable and it can go with most items!!!! whee
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[ U ] n f
I could pick one of the March MC's from when I joined, back in '05 on my other account, but then I would be just like everyone else, reminiscing of old days. I love nearly all the MC's, but I've got to say the ones with nature are probably a favorite.

The Best March MC in my opinion, has got to be the March 2011 Woodland Druid. There's just something about nature that's always been so breath-taking and amazingly beautiful; what with how everything flows perfectly - like a leaf falling majestically and landing atop a stream, gently carried along - or even when it looks so frightening and dark - like the forest at night with hundreds or thousands of trees, dark and ominous... Nothing comes close to nature. (:
The frog, I wasn't around at that time but discovered it looking for the March collectibles 4laugh
I immediatly bought it =]. I love nature and this item gives you that fresh spring feeling.
That and it looks nice with other items I have, like the Cherry Blossom and Gogh Reed whee
I'd say March 07's Mystic hair is my fave!! My reason is because that Angelic wing, hair combination is to die for!!! heart
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kiki plushie i guess
Demon Bow! I wore it as wings for quite a while.
Coco kitty, I personally like that one the best i made my 1st account when it came out then i just camee bacc smile coco is verry special
I would have to say that the Spring Nymph would be my favorite due to it being so earthy. I love anything that has to do with mother nature and so getting to dress up as a tree is pretty flippin' fantastic!
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The monthly collectibles have improved so much over the years! (:
But, I have to say that I did really like Mythic Hair (obvs), and this month's Fortuna is pretty awesome as well!
Hands down Kiki plushie!!!!... I love the goth and darker side but no one can resist Kiki!!!... And no matter what your style she works! heart whee heart

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