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Hmm! Probably the demon bow, people were so excited to get wings of some sort, and the demonbow filled that in a bit. It's also pretty good looking, but alas, probably disliked now because it's so overused.

Eh, I still think it's pretty good.
What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

I am still questing Kiki since I first started. I love kitties I have 2 of them! heart And all I have to say about her is that she is undeniably cute and very Gaian. 3nodding

I know you didn't look for this opinion but here it is. As for this months collectible and how I feel about that Well I'd have to say it is the Frog one. heart I love frogs because they represent nature and are the indicators of problems when nature is out of sync with the earth. Frogs frankly rock and so does green for that matter. biggrin

Kiki comes first though. 3nodding heart
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The Angelic halo cuz its pretty! heart
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March 2008 Monthly collectible (Wonderland) Because I that is my first favorite monthly collectible and I really want to buy it heart
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The Laptop Thingie biggrin
It was my first mc :3
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My favourite March Collectible was the Kiki Kitty. (March 2005) It was the first Gift that I had ever received and the first collectible that I really spent a lot of time questing for when I was first on Gaia.
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the mine is the ancient katana its so cool i always use it it maches with everything
Demonbow cuz is really ******** awesome!!
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I like the kiki kitty from 2005 C:
The poses are nice, and overall it's just a very cute item. Probably gaia's most familiar animal accompaniment... next to rock puppy xD
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Fuzzy Penguin Slippers because I'm in love with a penguin
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My favorite Monthly Collectible of all time, by far, is the Chyaku Norisu Scarf. It was my first ever item quest on Gaia. <3
        My favorite March collectible would have to be the Demon Bow from 2006.
        I have always loved the look of the dark wings when you apply it onto your back.

        It has always been one of my favorite items on Gaia and I am afraid to say that I do not have one.
        I had one at one point but my past account had been hacked and it was stolen from me.
        But that is in the past now. Just wish I could get it back.

        Member since: May 26, 2006
        I love Gaia! :]
"What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!"

My favorite would have to be the Demonbow. It was one of the first pseudo-wings on Gaia, and it worked perfectly for my avatar at the time. I hung onto it for the longest time.
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My favorite March MC would have to be the Kiki Kitty. It was a tough choice between that and the Seal Slippers, but the Seal Slippers definitely didn't make the splash the Kiki did and I don't long for them as much as I do a Kiki.

Not only is it adorably cute, but I like to keep it 'old school'. It represents what Gaia was and how it's grown. Not to mention it has become quite the iconic figure amongst Gaians. I kick myself because when it came out, I thought 60k was expensive and didn't buy one off the Market. Now it's around 1.5mil emo . Anyhow, it's just one of those cute things you can't help but fall in love with. I have a Coco and use it to accessorize and balance many many items. It's just the right size and has some poses that are just right.
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My favorite March collectible of all time was the Samurai Yoroi, and for good reason. When I was eight and we still lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, my dad first introduced me to LARPing... in fact, I was live-action role playing before I even knew there was an online equivalent! We were part of a samurai reenactment community based in Kalamazoo... After that, I was sure I had the coolest dad in the world, and I still think that today ^-^ we still LARP, in a medieval LARP community east of Seattle, but I miss the samurai days... I couldn't think of a cooler, more original or more fun bonding time with my dad.

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