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My favorite March MC would have to be March 2006 Mochi the Puppy. I like that one because Mochi is really cute. I have always loved dogs and Mochi is probably the cutest virtual dag based item I have seen.
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I love Alice in Wonderland, plus that blue dress is adorable heart
I would have to say that my favorite March monthly collectible was 2008's Wonderland. The Wonderland is something that I liked from the get go. I have a great love for the Alice in Wonderland movies and for the book "Through the Looking Glass." The dresses, hats, and the creepy Cheshire cat grin. I was really existed when I saw this item. I also like its counter part, the Samurai Yoroi, I like the flag that the avi carries around and the Sun burst in the background.
My favorite March MC is the Samurai Yoroi, because I'm a sucker for anything Japanese (yea yea, scream weaboo all you want, at least I took the time to try and learn the language). Also because it has a cool design that goes with a lot of the warrior styled avatars.
march 10'

i like the frog Even though i dont have enough for a frog ; o ;
i think Wonderland, but i already scooped that up, so i like last year's Spring Nymph.
it's very cute and has a nice colour palette.
as for Wonderland...well, i'm a disney junkie.
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I'd either say Kiki Kitty, or the Spirit Falcon.

Kiki because, well, when I think of Gaia it comes to mind, and the Spirit Falcon because it was one of the first Monthly Collectibles I ever got, and I felt so special and proud wearing it! >3<"
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March 2005! It's all about the RoRo Robo-Puppy (and, I guess, the Kiki Kitty, but who cares about that? razz )
i wanna join
i want the ninja
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Favorite MC: Winter Rose, December 2006.

Reason: because it is very graceful, and elegant. it is also in white, which you can match with any color, making it useful. it is well pixeled on top of all of this. making it my favorite MC of them all.

...and I hurt in all these new ways
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kiki!! ^__^
that would be because i am definitally a cat person, and seem to have skill with cats loving me. Also the kiki kitty is a great symbol for gaia and when people see it, it is easily reconized and symbolizes its happiness in gaia like that of the tiny white kitten with glowing blue eyes
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My favorite March collectible EVER would have to be the Kiki Kitty from March 05.
I love them. They are so friggin' adorable.
I love cats and stuffed animals. And, well, its still, even after 5 years, it's still one of my favorite items on all of Gaia, period. xD
i love the penguin slippers and kiki plushie... though i'd have to go with the slippers b/c they match me the best 8D heh.

they're my favorite b/c they're the best slippers evar. all the others one look awkward. the seals are cute too! (:
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My favorite March Monthly Collectible would have to be Wonderland because I love the Alice in Wonderland and the new movie was amazing (I still like the original the best though User Image )
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The Demonbow. It's one of the best Demonic items out of what few we have, it can look like a sword in the right pose and is actualy a pretty good substitute for the wings you've been promising us for years.

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