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i would have to say tht my favorite March MC would have to be............the Spirit Falcon, because it's a falcon. The paragreen falcon is my favorite bird of all time. When the item came out in 2007 i wanted the item so bad. I asked my friends to help me get it. When i finally got one i got hacked and lost my whole account i was so mad about it tht i quit gaia for a while. But i never got a Spirit Falcon again because so many more awesome items came out i just didnt wanna spend the gold on it. But ya my favortie March MC is the March 2007: Spirit Falcon and the reason is because The Paragreen Falcon is my favorite bird. biggrin
I would have to say my favorite March MC would be the 2005 Kiki Plushie. I like Kiki because it's an icon of Gaia, and is absolutely cute and cuddly.
Spring Nymph.
The Ivy Wrap pose is an amazing way to add that touch of green, plus I love it for my Tribal avatars. The Floral Adornment pose is a great way to add texture, and I love the way it is drawn and styled. Plus all the other items, it is just frickin' awesome.
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~ March 04 fuzzy penguin slippers are ftw! I love these slippers and they are one of the main items I usually wear. x3 They were actually one of the items I initially quested for after I had spent a year on gaia. I got them on Christmas eve for a great deal too. >w< ~
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I loved the Spring Nymph from last March (March 2009) since I was always hoping for many of the poses, and it's a super versatile item. It's green (my favorite color), the plant-based items are really lovely, and it's got a really intricate looking corset pose that goes with practically anything.
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I'm A Magician.

I Love The Ninja Band!~<3
I've always wanted one but they became so expensive.
I Remember the month came out and I remember looking at them and saying "This is going to be expensive in the future" but I never got it. D: It has the coolest poses i've seen in an item.I've Seen Lots Of Items.
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My favorite March monthly collectible is the March 2008 Thank You Letter. I absolutely adore the hair and I still wear one from time to time! They really help me make a classy updo, especially when I don't have enough gold to change my hairstyle!
The Spirit Falcon was my first MC as well, I believe, so I'm proud to own them~!
Thanks a lot, Gaia! x3
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My favorite MC is the Kiki plushie because it's really cute, it's a popular item on Gaia, and it's one of Gaia's mascots...and you've got to love the huge Kiki plushies in the Gaia store!
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hmmm lets see.. well id have to say the slippers... or kiki. kiki because its SOO well loved. But the baby seal slippers/penguin slippers are awesome. I gave my seals away cry. Time to work to get 'em back!! twisted
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My favorite was MC march '08, Samurais are my obsession. So Samurai yoroi is perfect for me, though I'm working a avi to use it on. Its going to be epic though.
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Mythic Hair!

I like most items that give me extra hair options, and elemental hair has some pretty sweet ones. Nothing says "Look at me!" like your head covered with wings.
Favorite March Monthly Collectible: March 2007
Items: Spring Nymph & Techno-Mage

Spring Nymph:
1.) 10 Options
2.) Wide variety of uses. Hats, Body, Legs, Background, Back.
3.) They are all beautiful options.
4.) They all visually speak true of what it means to be spring! From the green tree to the beautiful ivy and the mini bonsai tree! biggrin
5.) All of the poses have been useful in all of my avatar outfits, so there is no wasted option. (There have been a lot of multi-option items that I have no care for many of the options.)

1.) 9 Options
2.) Nice variety of uses. Hats, Belt, Backpacks, Weapons.
3.) VERY unique.
4.) A very different kind of mage that you just don't see! Good to see something different from the norm!
5.) Though, this item has not been as useful as the Spring Nymph, I still adore the Monocle and Staffs. biggrin
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

Hmmm...I don't really know how to answer this one...
If it's just March 2010 MC items......
My favorite would have to be Sapphire Plume.

Reason why:
I definitely love Blue, plus the skirt and eye patch are adorable! You can't forget the Bow though! I mean With Arrows. :Þ

If you're speaking of ALL March MC items altogether which is our favorite....

My favorite would definitely be Wonderland from 2008!
Who doesn't LOVE Alice in Wonderland?
I know I DO!
I love it because it has the Cheshire Cat! My fave character!
Lolz. What about the Flamingo [used as a club] (;
Haha. Well, i actually LOVE ALL the items in that monthly collectible.
My favorite March MC would have to be the Frog. It's a cute item, and my favorite color happens to be green. I've always liked frogs, but after I caught a frog in my pool one summer and kept it for a bit, I've liked them even more.
My favorite March MC would be the Spring Nymph.

I'm always a fan of versatility. For me, that normally means that there are lots of diverse options- not just one armor set, for example.
There's humorous "hidden" pose, the fun bark corset, the more regal mantel, and the extra decorative touches to any leafy or spring avatar.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I regret not using this item much. ^^;

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