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My all time favorite March Monthly Collectible is the Spirit Falcon, because it was one of the first items I bought when I first joined Gaia. I remember how I played Pinball and Word Bump for hours just so I could save enough to buy the item. Those hours spent were definitely worth it and even though I almost gave up at some point, I'm glad that I didn't.
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March 2007 MC, Mythic Hair

Reasoning: I love the different styles of hair they remind me of swamp monsters, angels, and King Midas and in my book that's pretty cool.
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What's your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

My favorite March MC would propbably be the Fuzzy Penguin Slippers (March 2004) 3nodding

I mean, isn't sooo darn keeeyooooot? <333

I set my eyes on this item for a while, but unfortunately never bought it...I could've, but I didn't because I wanted to complete my dream avatar first 4laugh

Now that I completed my dream avatar, the temptation of saving up for Fuzzy Penguin Slippers is...Haunting me O______O"

...Now that I think about it...I thought I saw a shadow hiding behind my door a couple nights ago...The scary part?




...It squeaked! gonk

B-b-b-b-but, It just might've been my dog's chew toy 3nodding ...I think burning_eyes


Anyways, Good luck to everyone! Hope ya'll have a magical day! ;DDD

~Majestic Moonlight heart

Edit: Got my pengies! <333

I'm sooo happy!!!...Took a while to get them ; )
my favorite march mc
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The mc which I prefer is the one of this month heart
The frog. It is really too CUTE >w<
Samurai Yoroi, it pairs so well with infernal spirit, so many possibilities smile
its so cool, you can make an awesome avi like "if sailor moon met gundam met powerrangers." so pretty
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My Favorite would have to be the steel plated ninja head band because its like the one of the best Mounty collectibles of all gaia time and my avi looks sexy in it when i go and try it on in the marketplace XDD
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i like the frog why? 'cause its fun and light and beautiful it even cathes the ecence of lilypads and a frogs nature life
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my favorite monthly collectable would have to be kiki. Sure everyone has said that in this thread but come on kiki is just so adorable! It's also all over gaia and that is what got me on gaia my friend was drawing a pic of her avatar and i asked her what that kitty doll was and then she told me all about gaia...and now i'm here biggrin
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My favoite march collectable was definitely the techno-mage last year. I love techno stuff or anything related to steam-punk looks, and this was definietly one of the qualifying items for me. heart I'm forever a tech nerd.
elemental hair, cuz it gives you different hair and stuff! love it ^.^
I'd have to say the Kiki. It's just so well-known and cute! I mean, who here hasn't quested or known someone who has quested for one? And Kiki is everywhere on the site. The cars, aquariums, the Gaia store... Kiki is just so integrated into Gaia itself. And then the poses! Oh, the adorable poses... I've seen so many people use their Kiki in various ways. It's just so dern popular. >w<

And cute. Who doesn't love kitties? It's just another expensive cat item out there. 3nodding
I like this year`s march mc because the theme is nature and i luv nature! xp
March, 2004.
The slippers.
Getting those would make my Gaia life complete.
i think it was the fuzzy penguin slippers because it was a gift to me when i didnt get any

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