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The March collectable Spring Nymph from the thank you letter for march.
My reasons for it being my favorite is;;
green has always been my favorite color.
i sadly admit i stopped playing gaia online for a while but then i saw this collectable and i tried really hard to get enough money to buy it, but i couldn't come up with the money. plus my parents wouldn't buy it for me. crying "
The item itself is an amazing item.
The different ways it can be worn are fascinating too.
I would love to receive this item. heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!
Mythic Hair
My reason is that I use that item very often because I enjoy the different hair styles.
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My most favorite March MC would definitely have to be March 2008, which is Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland is my most favorite Disney movie of all time, and I squealed when I found out that there was a Gaian item of it.

I'm sooo happy that I have it, and I almost always have it equipped.

It just reminds me of fond childhood memories, and of awesome times of watching AIW with my mom.

I couldn't ask for something better. :]]

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Honestly? This year's March MC. Sapphire Plume, to be specific. I don't know who the artist was, but good on them. The details are exquisite, and I'm a sucker for anything with a quiver. biggrin
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Spirit Falcon from '07 is my fave. Falcons are awesome and it was one of my first few MC I ever bought, so nostalgia is a pretty big factor here as well.
March '04 - Penguin Slippers! I'm madly in love with all things cuddly and I have yet to achieve a penguin item. emo
Of all of the March collectibles, I think my favorite is the techno-mage. I don't personally own it, but I still thing it is the coolest. I'll get it eventually, that is for sure(I've been too lazy up until this point). It has a steam-punk feel to it. . But really, I've always had this fascination with magic, so many of my role-play characters are magic oriented, and all of my favorites wield staff-like weapons. What makes it most appealing is my favorite character is from a time that the world is beginning to change from magic and legend into something humans control with technology. So a lot of her struggle is, first, trying to prevent this change.. And then, of course, when it is more obvious that it is impossible to change, that she has to try to find a way to fit into the changing times, because she is from a race that has long lives.. She has no choice, unless she wants to be forgotten like many other magical races.. She tries combining her magic with some growing technologies, so the staff from this monthly collectible is really appealing.

Additionally, the other options with it are all awesome. The steam punk-feel I mentioned before is pretty sweet and provides very interesting ideas for new characters to use in the future! I do love an item that gets the imagination running! Kudos to the techno-mage item.
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Of all the March MCs, my favorite is the Spring Nymph. It just has so many possibilities for forest and fairy themed avatars. I've relied on this MC more than once during Tektek contests, and it usually comes out satisfying for the person running the contest, as well as myself.
My favorite poses are the Ivy Wrap, Floral Adornment, and Bark Corset.
Without a doubt, this March MC is the most fun to experiment with when it comes to playing with layering!
It's hard for me to pick just ONE favorite Monthly Collectible for the month of March. It'd be a close run between Spring Nymph and Mythic Hair...in the end, my choice would probably lie with Mythic Hair. Why? Because, in my opinion, I can equip Mythic Hair with just about any outfit. And if you're like me, you like to have just the right hair for just the right outfit. So, for me it'd be so much easier to just have a Mythic Hair than to create an outfit and have to spend my gold by buying new hair at Salon Durem. I think Mythic Hair is not only a beautiful head equip, but also extremely convenient. Overall, it's an epic use of pixels!
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I really like the March 2008 MC because I love Alice in Wonderland as well as the Samurai Yoroi. The background of samurai yoroi is pretty awesome 3nodding
My favorite March MC is the 2008 Samurai Yoroi, cause it's an armor set and it has the flag that they carried on their backs, also because it has that rising sun on the back with that type of painted style. It's cool haha.
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thestartMarch 2005 - 'cause it's worth so much and it's cute lolz
Jk, Jk. I'd actually go with March 2007 ('07 was a good year for MC's ... there were some pretty good epic ones), more specifically the elemental hair. It has some pretty sweet poses, and not only that, some of those poses are actually pretty versatile and are easy to make an outfit around. Gaia-history-wise, I believe it may have also been one of the first 'wig'-type items around... although I could be wrong...
I don't really have a favourite, and I like a lot of the March MCs, but the 2006 Mochi is really cute. It's a puppy, and kinda looks like a wolf pup. I've always wanted one. It's such a simple item, but definitely one of the best. Wolves are awesome in my opinion, and that little face of Mochi's looks a lot like a wolf. And since "Mochi" is ice cream.. It's a double plus. Ice cream is awesome. Mochi represents two things that I like, at least, to me it does. Having to pick just one March item, definitely Mochi. Also when I look at his little face, it reminds me of my kitten, just by the look on his face. Happy, content, playful, definitely adorable. ^_^ I definitely chose Mochi to be in my top list of items on Gaia.
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

Spring Nymph ~Details..Details...Details The colors(Greens,browns) and design are breath taking. The details are awesome and well done.. One of the things I love is nature and everything that has to do with that.. Soo getting this MC was a wish come true to me.. Trees,leafs,floral and roots whee Awesome
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My favorite March MC is the Wonderland item from '08. The reason being that I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland and that it reminds me of when I was younger and read the book with my older sister. It brings back many fond memories and it's a very cool item I believe! ^.^

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