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User ImageMy All time favorite March MC would HAVE to be the KiKi Kitty plush! its so cute, and has so many awesome functions. Plus, its one of Gaia's most popular Items! Owning one Lets people know that you work hard for your money, and are really dedicated to the site!
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Sapphire Plume from the March 2010 letter.
I like it because it has feminine and masculine features to it,
as well as really lovely color combination.
( :
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Awesome! My favorite March MC is definitely Kiki because it is so traditional and representative of Gaia.
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My favorite March MC is either March 04' and March 05'.
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Sweet. Love the angelic halo's
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I believe the Mythic Hair is my favorite March item, sir.
It's a good item that can add a nice edge or touch to an avatar and is not too expensive. It has elegance, darkness, shininess, and creative item pose names.
It looks like it comes from a mountaintop of highest royalty or crawled from a poisoned swamp at the bottom of the world.
That is all.
Thank you.
My all time MArch monthly Collectible is a Kiki Kitty Plushie,..
MArch 2005
because it is adorable, cute and charming animal...
It can be used in many motifs..
it can be used as a pet..
and I really love animals..
coz, I'm a animal Lover..
and I really want it..
User ImageWithout going to check out all the March collectibles, I'd have to say my favorites are the 2004 slippers. For me, the Gaian feet seem a bit small, so the size of the slippers works perfectly to balance a top heavy avatar. The fact that they are ADORABLE helps as well!

I actually liked the seal slippers so much, that I created my own pair in real life when I went to Otakon. I still have them, though I don't wear them much because my cat likes them too much.

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"What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!"

I love the 2004 slippers! >w<
They are aweshum & they look good with everything! ;D
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i like that one collectable called the nightmare, cause it changes into lots of stuff that are aswome. (which i dont have yet) if its a monlthy collectable
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the sleepers i find them so plushy and comfortable so i would love to feal my feet on one of those
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Definitely March 2005 is my favorite, because that's when kiki kitty first came around, I believe. I loved having one, and stupidly sold it a long time ago. If only I'd known how hard it'd be to get another one...
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The Kiki Kitty and Roro Robo-Puppy of March 2005.
Because they were released in the month that I joined Gaia.
They have a special place in my heart because of that.
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My favorite March MC would definitely be the mochi. It's my favorite plushie, and the first expensive important item that I've ever quested for. It definitely hold sentimental value for me.
It also reminds me of old Gaia and how much fun I've had on the site.
My favourite March collectible. When I heard of this contest, I looked them all up. Wow, there has been so many! Baby Seal Slippers and Fuzzy Penguin Slippers (so cute!), the now incredibly famous Kiki Kitty Plushie, and a whole pile of other collectibles.

For my favourite, I was torn between Mythic Hair (such an awesome item) and Spring Nymph, and finally settled on Spring Nymph.

I've always been a fan of monthly collectibles that have some sort of theme, or at least something to do with what has been going on in the world (whether in Gaia, the US, or the world itself), and the Spring Nymph didn't disappoint.

It is beautifully done, with a little something for everyone. Some hair, some clothes, a change to your avatar's legs, some accessories, a background option and a fun option (because who doesn't want to be the person hiding in the bushes every once in a while??).

It really embodies what Spring is all about, in my opinion, and that's why it's my favourite March collectible.

tl;dr version: I like Spring Nymph, because it is for Spring.

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