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My favorite March MC is Mochi the Puppy(2007 MarchMC), because is Pure Cuteness heart 4laugh
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Deffinitley KiKi kitty plushie. I don't own one of course but everytime I think about Gaia one of the first things i think of is kiki (and water meat). It's basically the site's mascot, and a very attractive item. Also, the people that DO own one show an elegance that only that item can bring out. If only i had one...I'd be happy.
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My favorite monthly collectible is the Angelic Halo. Its probly the best Gaia Item ever made !! doubt anything can top it smile
Best Item has to be kiki march 05 letter :3
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I have to say the Mythic Hair from March 2007. I just find it to be very versatile. It goes with just about any outfit I put together, it sparks my imagination, and it is one of my most often used items.
Plus it's just plain lovely!
The 'Spring Nymph' from last year has been my favorite MC for March. One of my favorite colors is green so that won me over right away but the styles it has to offer are just lovely! My most favorite uses for it are for the head piece, large tree, and the cape; the cape completes one of my most used avis (avi shown below). Also a plus of it is that for all the uses it has the price for it didn't go ridiculously high so it can be a good addition for most's inventory. ^_^ All around the best March MC! Heck it even goes with the spring theme! smile

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My favorite March MC is without a doubt from '04, the Fuzzy Penguin Slippers. They are one of my favorite items of all time on Gaia. Design wise,they're adorably oversized slippers, and they're penguins! What's not to love?! But more than that, there's also a personal attachment to them. To me it's just so reminiscent of that time, and brings back so much nostalgia. I was questing them for a while when someone was kind enough to donate them to me, and even though they're worth 8 times what they were when I originally got them, I don't ever see myself selling them for a profit. So I think even more than maybe liking that design better than any other March MC, it's just one of my all-time favorites on Gaia, and reminds me so much of my newer days, when I wore those slippers 24/7 with just about every outfit. surprised
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My favorite March collectible would be Wonderland. I'm a huge fan of all things Lewis Carroll and Alice in wonderland related. I especially like the queen of hearts dress smile
I would have to say my favorite monthly collectible would be the Techno-Mage collectible. Although not my favorite over all collectible, i think that the idea of combining science, along with its counterpart, magic, is quite interesting.

The idea combines two different parts of a spectrum, one logic, the other, superstition, and combines the two together beautifully, creating an item that fans of one or the other spectrum, or both, can enjoy.
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My favourite march collectible is the mythic hair cause it's so versatile I just love it! heart
My favourite March collectible is Spring Nymph because it's so pretty. heart
My favourite March Monthly Collectible would have to be the Kiki Kitty Plushie!
It's my favourite because it is absolutely adorable, has some really great poses (omnomnom hand, anyone?), and it's a kitty. :3 Who doesn't like kitties?!
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    What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

Well my favorite March Gaia Collectible is in 2005,
the Kiki Plushie .
The reason why this is my favorite March Gaia Collectible is because
* Its very valuable
* Its common o;
* Its a kitty ' meaning kitty's are very cute .
* Last , u can hold it in positions that coco plushies can't .
AND AND thats what mines was
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My favorite March collectible is the Spring Nymph of March 2009. I like how it shows the season of spring and has a lot of creative poses. It's cool how it's using just 3 main colors, brown, white, and green to create all these different stances. My favorite being the Floral Adornment pose.
My favourite would have to be from March 2004, the baby seal slippers! =D
Even though I don't support the killing of baby seals, I think they're absolutely adorable. And one of my courses I'm taking right now, Comparative Animal Physiology, we always talk about seals and their abilities to dive for lengths of time. Without too much rambling... they're just awesome animals smile

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